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Using the internet and thinking you are safe and anonymous is a colossal mistake. On the internet, you are always visible to third parties, and the rest can see your actions of the world unless you have some security in the form of applications that can hide your identity.

Hiding identity means hiding your IP address. Your data is essential on the internet, and it is everything you need to worry about. Even though you are not sharing sensitive information, your primary identity can still be sold by some unknown persons to other businesses or sometimes to the wrong hands.

On the internet, there is always a solution. Similarly, you can find some applications to prevent your data from leaking. You can opt for a dedicated or private proxy server to make your identity anonymous from the wrong hands.

Proxy servers can be used for various purposes. A dedicated proxy provider can help you hide your identity on the internet and be used for other purposes. Proxies are commonly used for accessing geo-restricted content, web scraping, marketing, bulk account creation, online marketing research, and other purposes.

If you are looking for the best private proxies providers, look at our compiled list. The proxies added here are perfect for hiding IP and other purposes. Further, they provide an easy-to-use interface for reliably handling the operations. 

What are Dedicated Proxies? 

Before reviewing the list of top proxies, let’s look at the differences between shared, public, and dedicated representatives. Public proxies can be used for free and are available publicly. In most of the regions, shared proxies are blacklisted, and there are a few which can be accessed. Shared proxies are better than public proxies. These proxies are paid, and a single proxy can be shared between users. In shared proxies, the reliability is not up to mark, and the authorities can blocklist them in some regions.

Dedicated or private proxies are the best compared to public and shared proxies. A reliable proxy can be used by a single person only. They are paid and are more expensive than shared proxies. The significant advantage of private proxies is that only one person can use these and can be trusted. In private proxies, you get the maximum benefit of a proxy.

List of Best Dedicated Proxy Servers Providers 2024


Geonode tops our list as the ultimate choice for dedicated proxy services. Offering both Pay-As-You-Go and Unlimited Residential Proxies, it caters to businesses of all sizes. Starting at just $4 per GB, Geonode provides a cost-effective, high-quality service with a 99.9% success rate. Its global reach allows geotargeting over 160 countries, and its user-friendly API ensures quick integration. Unique features like city and ISP targeting and rotating and sticky IPs make Geonode the most flexible and reliable proxy solution available.

Squid Proxies 

Squid Proxies are famous for providing the best proxy services reasonably. In some cases, the cost of these proxies might be higher than some other competitors, but you get the maximum from it in the amount you pay for. It provides IP addresses from the USA and Europe, and also you get access to IP addresses from some Asian locations. If the Squid Proxies fail to provide you with the expected output, you can also ask for a full refund.

High Proxies 

High Proxies provides more than 25,000 IP addresses with the highest anonymity. They provide unlimited bandwidth and claim 99% uptime. You can access unlimited proxy locations for just $2.30 per month. It is recommended for those who want to get the maximum of a private proxy at a lower price. 


Smartproxy is a well-known name for providing private proxy services to internet users. The setup of this proxy doesn’t require complex settings. All you need to do is pay for the service and confirm the subscription from your registered email, and that’s all. It provides plenty of proxies from various regions of the world. It is expensive, but the service they offer is extraordinary. Their mini package costs $39 per month. In the mini box, you get 25 proxies. Their most expensive package costs $625, including 500 unique IP addresses from various world regions.

Bright Data Proxy 

It provides both mobile and residential proxies. You can choose options from mobile, residential, and data center proxies. You can connect to the proxy and change the location of the proxy based on your requirements. The minimum subscription starts from $500. You can withdraw from a seven-day free trial and test their services.

Storm Proxies 

These proxies were first introduced in 2016. When it comes to reliability, Storm proxies come to mind. You can get reliable services and more than 70,000 IP addresses from various world regions, mainly the USA and Europe. All users looking for rotating proxies can go for the Storm proxies subscription. Its subscription starts from $10 to $400 per month.

Final Words 

A reliable proxy server usually helps you hide your identity on the internet. Whenever you establish a connection through a proxy firewall, no one can view or track your online activities unless they go for some advanced investigation, which is commonly unavailable for a layman. Your IP is just like your home address. But if you hide it or use an imaginary IP address, your physical home address is hidden from whoever you want to.

Proxy is nothing but a bridge between your computer and the host. When you access a resource on the internet, it can be seen as accessed by proxy, not by you. In this way, your location can be hidden from the authorities; all they can see is the proxy address. Going for the dedicated proxy servers is recommended as these can be trusted and reliable and provide maximum support in hiding the IP address and your online presence.  

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