Dollar Still King in FX Market, 3 Ways To Profit from this Trend

Dollar Still King in FX Market, 3 Ways To Profit from this Trend

In recent months, there has been an unprecedented rise in interest rates. That means the value of the US dollar has risen against all other currencies. As a result, the greenback continues to gain ground against other major world currencies. But while many believe rising interest rates are bad news, others say it could be good news for certain investments. But what makes USD such a strong currency? How does its strength impact other markets? Why should investors consider investing in dollars?

The US dollar is the primary reserve currency of the global economy. The greenback dominates every aspect of international trade and finance. This dominance comes from several factors. First, the US government regulates and controls the supply of reserves, allowing countries to rely on the dollar as their standard unit of account. Second, the US Federal Reserve holds interest rates, influencing the demand for reserves. Third, the US dollar is the only currency that floats freely against another currency, unlike most other reserve currencies, which peg to the value of gold or other commodities.

Investors who seek exposure to foreign exchange (FX) trading now have access to new tools and strategies like stop loss and take profit, thanks to the emergence of algorithmic trading platforms. These allow traders to execute trades automatically without human intervention, at least in theory. In practice, however, many investors struggle to master these automated systems. As a result, they often fail to take advantage of lucrative opportunities offered by FX trading.

Meaning of a Strong Dollar

A strong dollar implies that the United States can buy other currencies more than it usually does. A currency’s strength can only be measured when compared with other currencies.

Indeed, it is no stretch to affirm that the US Dollar has gained more value than other major currencies across the globe. In September 2022, one US Dollar was equivalent to one British Pound. Even though the British Pound has been worth more than the US Dollar since then, the rise in the latter’s strength over the past few years cannot be ignored.

How Does Its Strength Impact Other Markets?

If the US dollar gains strength, you’ll see increased demand for commodities priced in dollars, including oil, gold, copper, palladium, platinum, silver, and wheat. These foreign exchange fluctuations affect commodity prices and the relative value of other currencies.

For example, if the US experiences a strong dollar, other nations will start selling their reserves of precious metals into the US market. The price of those metals will decline, making it cheaper for Americans to buy them. As a result, investors will flock to these assets. They’ll seek out opportunities to invest in gold mining stocks, real estate investment trusts, and other companies involved in producing goods that use metals.

At the same time, a strengthening dollar will make imports costlier, putting upward pressure on the prices of imported goods. With fewer dollars available around the globe, companies will have to hike prices to cover the costs of importing raw materials. Companies in countries that produce inexpensive goods will struggle to maintain profit margins.

Why Should Investors Consider Investing in Dollars?

Investors who sell their holdings can always convert their paper dollars into Euros, Pounds, or Yen. But that option isn’t open to everyone. For instance, if you live overseas and are planning to retire in a few years, parking your cash abroad might not be worth the hassle.

There are plenty of reasons to invest in dollars, though. First, the US is one of the largest economies in the world. Second, the dollar is considered a haven currency. Third, the US’s fiscal health is much better than many other countries. Fourth, US corporations generate most of their earnings in dollars. Finally, the dollar remains the dominant reserve currency for international trade.

So how do you decide whether now is the right time to invest dollars? The answer lies in analyzing the fundamentals of the US economy. It pays to know how things work here. Then you can plan and make intelligent decisions.

3 Ways To Benefit From A Strong Dollar

Not all businesses or activities can benefit from the high value of the US Dollar. Yet, by arming yourself with the correct information, you can boost your chances of enjoying profits even in this strong-dollar climate. Some common ways are discussed as follows:

Invest in Foreign Stocks

This is not a bad idea if you wish to invest in foreign stocks and aim to buy low and sell high. Foreign reserves can become available as a discount when the dollar is strong.

In addition, if foreign stocks are in your portfolio, there is a good chance they have underperformed your US equities. What you can do is have a look at your ratios. This will probably help you discover that the time is right to rebalance.

You can do so by purchasing more foreign stocks with new money. You can also put up a portion of your US equities for sale while buying foreign stock.

Load up on foreign goods

Most Americans often find foreign goods unaffordable when the dollar is weak. During this period, famous brands, including Louis Vuitton, Prada, Hermes, and Cartier, can become too expensive to consider buying.

On the other hand, when the dollar the strong, these foreign products will only become less expensive. Foreign producers make the most of an unfair advantage in the United States marketplace.

Invest in Foreign Real Estate

There are multiple ways to invest in foreign real estate. One of the easiest ways to do so is to invest in an international Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT). This could include Vanguard’s Global ex-U.S. Real Estate mutual fund or ETF.

Individuals can invest in large-scale, income-producing real estate through these real estate investment trusts. For those who wish to keep track of their investment real estate or buy a place for personal use, numerous real estate and law firms are available to help US citizens. They can assist them in attracting their dollars in any place where they can buy real estate legally as a citizen of the US.


As the federal reserve attempts to tackle this sky-high inflation, they keep raising the interest rates. This ensures that the US Dollar keeps getting more robust concerning other currencies. For certain businesses, this is never a good thing. However, investors can make the most of this strong-dollar climate to enjoy a significant profit for some activities and investments. Having the correct information – as provided above – will help you make informed decisions.

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