CMA poll reveals UK consumers mostly in favour of Microsoft acquiring Activision

CMA poll reveals UK consumers
CMA poll reveals UK consumers

While the UK’s Competition & Markets Authority (CMA) was conducting its preliminary inquiry into Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision, the public was invited to submit opinions on the deal.

Microsoft would not make Activision’s post-merger programming exclusive to Xbox since it would lose considerable potential income from competing platforms.

The merger is a response to Sony’s PlayStation business strategy, which has traditionally entailed gaining exclusive material or early access to popular cross-platform game brands like Final Fantasy and Silent Hill.

The merger will allow Microsoft to give stronger advice and leadership to Activision, as well as urge it to invest more in games other than Call of Duty.

Microsoft will make Call of Duty exclusive to Xbox like it did with Bethesda following its acquisition of ZeniMax Media.

After the merger, Microsoft will be able to conquer the multi-game subscription market since it can afford to add titles to Game Pass at a loss.

While some are skeptical of Microsoft’s vow to retain Call of Duty multi-platform, the majority of respondents believe the corporation will follow its word, in part because it is a multiplayer game of cross-platform features.

The majority also sees Call of Duty on Game Pass as a consumer positive, while some worry that Microsoft’s ability to add significant titles to its subscription service would hinder competition.

The CMA is still investigating the transaction, and Microsoft is currently negotiating with the EU Commission to have it authorized.

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