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How to Use Kodi – Beginner’s Guide for Kodi | Updated 2024

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The world is full of content to watch. Yet, most of us are unable to enjoy all the content. Sometime because of the wide variety of streaming platforms, and sometimes because of the limited access. With the technology interfaces that are growing wide and being practiced by users worldwide for various purposes, many applications have come up with unique features to offer.

One such software is Kodi which allows the media management options for your local files. You can easily organize your videos and photos using this application tool. Furthermore, one significant feature of this tool is its add-on features. These add-on features provide a variety of options from streaming to now downloading. You can view all your video content for free through this software and binge-watch your favorite shows online. This is indeed a cost-friendly solution.

If you are a binge-watcher, then the apps like Kodi are a blessing to you. A hassle-free experience along with wide options available makes it everyone’s favourite. The add on feature of Kodi allows the use of many features that you can browse through. This tool enables you to stream your local media files, as well as Youtube, all in one place without any hassles.

Someone who is a content-freak will understand the advantages of this feature. Now that you are aware of the app and it’s features, it will be helpful if you know some tips and tricks to make the most out of it. Some of the tips that might help you if you are using Kodi for the first time are as below:

Use a VPN

Whenever you wish to watch your favorite web content, you might have faced the hassles of unavailability due to a country ban or other such reasons. However, a Kodi VPN saves you from these hassles by keeping your data path encrypted away from the prying eyes of malicious organizations.

It also safeguards your online activities from your ISP, thus keeping your privacy intact. Using a VPN is the best solution to stream your desired content without any vulnerabilities. Since the app allows you to stream the copyright-protected content with ease and comfort, there are some risks involved in the process. Keeping your identity hidden is the best way out.

Choose your Addons

As mentioned, Kodi is well known for the user experience it offers. Not only it allows your media file management but also permits the use of add-ons to enable features apart from its existing ones. You could add a variety of features such as YouTube, skin add ons, local add on for viewing US local channels, and many more.

This makes the app a must-have for those who prefer many activities on their desktops. From basic to advanced, there are multiple addons available, choose wisely and according to your requirements. Adding multiple addons in one go will only add to the complexity.

Tweak settings to save power

One of the reasons why Kodi has become a widely popular application is its features that aid the user. The settings of Kodi allow you to enable the sleep option so that when the app stays idle for a while, it automatically powers off. Further, it also allows the shutdown option for when the Kodi has to be shut down in a while.

These features help in manual ignorance and automatically help the user in such situations. It also benefits people who are in a habit of leaving their systems on while doing something else. You can adjust these settings as per your requirements; a one time hassle and a lifetime of carefree binge-streaming.

Disable or Change the RSS feed settings

While thinking about pop-ups, you cannot not think about the RSS feed, it annoys. You must be known to the RSS feed that keeps popping up by the Kodi community. Many of you might find it annoying and unhelpful, and for this as well, Kodi helps its users. The Kodi settings allow you to turn off these RSS feed pop-ups manually.

It also allows other options in the same regard if you do not wish to stop these feeds completely. Hence, this lets you decide what you wish to stop on your Kodi account. This adds to the experience of hassle free binge watching, and makes the streaming more comfortable. Thank us later for telling you this.

Set a Master lock

No one likes to let everyone see their favourite’s list. If you are one of them, this app is again a blessing to you. When you manage your media files, videos , images and many more, you create your personalized space which only you should be able to access.

However, not generating a proper passcode can result in unauthorized access and a lot more when you are away from your Kodi account. To prevent this always create a lock that only you can open. Create a strong password that may not be easy to guess. The process helps you keep your personal library personal. You have the control over who accesses it.


Even if you are able to get the content, then the management becomes a tedious task. Whenever you wish to watch some media file, hassles such as availability are encountered as they are not managed properly. It could be easily solved by the use of Kodi, which is specially designed for the purpose. The content is available to you without any cost, and the geographical location issue is also sorted through some genius add ons.

Besides this, the features offered by its add ons are something that could not be ignored. Hence, make sure you install it soon to enjoy its features. Kodi saves you the time of deciding which platform to go with, and where to get the copyrighted content from. With this article, we just intend to help you make the most of this amazing streaming platform in the most secure manner possible. Hope it helps and we successfully achieve the target.

Masri serves as the Chief Content Editor at BestKodiTips. With three years of experience, she excels in creating technical content, focusing on how-to guides, Android and Kodi tutorials, app reviews, and addressing common technological challenges. She ensures to stay abreast of the latest tech updates. Outside of work, Masir finds pleasure in reading books, watching documentaries, and engaging in table tennis.

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