YouTube is Testing Glowing Subscribe Button on its Platform

youtube music
youtube music

The Google-owned Video sharing platform YouTube is working on an AI-based subscribe button feature. The new feature means that the subscribe button will be visible once a subscribe word appears in the video.

The first experimental update has already been released across various videos, indicating that the platform has fully automated this feature. The new feature will make the subscribe feature fully automated.

It will display the on-screen subscribe button flashes whenever the creator asks its viewer to subscribe to the channel. Currently, many video creators and channel owners use different methods for attracting viewers to subscribe to their channels.

They use different animations to request channel subscriptions. But now, as soon as the word ‘subscribe’ appears, the subscription button on the screen will start flashing without any manual request from the channel creator.

Another new feature was also announced by the company a few weeks ago. The company previously announced that they are working on the ‘Skip’ button changes as well as on the features that are used to find songs without typing.

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