Do You Really Need a Specialist Gaming Phone?

Logitech upcoming gaming handheld
Logitech upcoming gaming handheld

These days, our smartphones have evolved to become far more than the communication tools that they were initially intended to be. Now, in 2023, modern-day phones can house applications around home security, we’re able to live stream events, and we can even use our phones as health trackers to monitor our daily steps. Additionally, society has become heavily reliant on smartphones when it comes to gaming, too. 

Gaming on a smartphone device doesn’t just provide the fun and entertainment that people require, but it’s a convenient gaming option that can be accessed as and when it suits a smartphone user. The games are typically easy to access, they can be picked up and put down throughout the day, and there is something for everyone in this continually evolving category of entertainment. While some people also stream music on Spotify and explore new movie releases on Netflix, gaming is certainly one of the most desirable entertainment services our mightily impressive smartphones provide. 

Although most people play gaming products on regular smartphone devices, there is a growing trend of gaming phones hitting the market. These devices aim to provide a better gaming experience, although there is a strong argument to suggest that they aren’t necessarily worth the investment. Not only are they not cheap, but gaming smartphones are luxury items that don’t necessarily deliver in other areas. As such, a specialist gaming phone isn’t a necessity. In fact, the vast majority of modern-day mobiles are capable of meeting your gaming needs. With that in mind, let’s assess why you don’t need a gaming smartphone to enjoy mobile gaming. 

The majority of games can be enjoyed on almost any device 

First and foremost, the main reason why people purchase expensive gaming phones is that they claim to offer a better all-around gaming experience for mobile gamers. While this is true with certain releases, the vast majority of mobile gaming products are accessible on regular devices. If you play modern online slots like Great Blue, a popular volatile title from Playtech, it does not require anything but the simplest of smartphones and an internet connection to enjoy.  

Even if you opt for a more detailed gaming product, such as PUBG Mobile, a regular smartphone device possesses the power needed to host any leading game. In most cases, a lot of the existing gaming smartphones feature chipsets that can be found in normal flagships as well. Sometimes, people think they’re purchasing a device that will elevate their mobile gaming package immensely when, in reality, there isn’t a great deal of difference. 

Most people don’t need a gaming phone 

While most games can be enjoyed on regular phones, sometimes people want to purchase devices that boast unrivaled power and a visual experience that will be a feast for the eyes. Additionally, some gaming phones offer better battery life, while others boast gaming-related features. Although these options can appeal to diehard mobile gamers, the vast majority of users only play smartphone games casually, meaning that investing in a sophisticated gaming device doesn’t necessarily make sense. They’re expensive also, with popular options like the Asus ROG Phone 6D and the Black Shark 5 Pro costing an extortionate amount of money. For many who dabble in mobile games as and when they can, a flagship device does the job. 

Gaming phones have some drawbacks too 

Not only are specialist gaming phones expensive, but they aren’t ideal for people who use their devices for other things, too, such as capturing images. For example, many gaming phones have shoddy cameras that aren’t up to scratch. Additionally, they rarely offer updates, and should you need support at any time, it can be tricky as they aren’t as easy to fix as mainstream devices. 

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