Apple Announced to Give Away iPhone 14 Pro for Free

iPhone 15 Pro
iPhone 15 Pro

The leading technology company Apple has announced to give away its best-selling smartphone, ‘the iPhone 14 Pro’, for free.

Apple claims that its devices are the best in terms of security, and they are also true in their claims as the iPhone’s security features are better than all other smartphones.

To boost the security of iPhones, the company to give free iPhone 14 Pro to further improve its mobile phone security. A free iPhone and around USD 1 million will also be given as a reward to those who find security glitches in the phone and hack it.

Apple is seeking applications for this and has stipulated that anyone who shows their hacked phone will be eligible for a free iPhone 14 Pro and prize money. Anyone can submit an application and participate in this catchy competition.

The final date of the application submission is 31 October 2023. The selected applicants will be responsible for finding flaws in Apple’s security.

The company has decided to improve the security of their phones if an expert finds it. This will help the iPhone’s upcoming and existing models more secure.

This will also attract more iPhone customers in the near future as higher security will attract more users.

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