Working as a Quality Manager at Uss Express – A Review

Uss-Express Review

There are different providers of at-home packing jobs in the logistics industry. Many beginners are reluctant to apply because they think that it’s too responsible and that they won’t be accepted without qualifications. There is a grain of truth in this statement. To work from home shipping packages is a responsible job but you don’t need to be a super-qualified specialist in logistics.

Some employers do require candidates to have degrees but Uss-Express doesn’t. Does it make its working conditions worse for employers? Based on the reviews we studied, we can say that no – working conditions remain good. How do we know this? Let’s consider the key aspect of the remote quality manager job.

Advantages of working as a quality manager at Uss-Express

Uss-Express wouldn’t open a vacancy for a packing job at home if the employer wasn’t sure whether the vacancy would be demanded. Consequently, the provider of shipping jobs from home outlines the most attractive conditions for candidates:

  • Work from-home job
  • Flexible schedule
  • Competitive salary
  • Part-time (up to $ 1,700 per month) and Full-time (up to $ 3,200 per month)
  • Bi-weekly payments
  • We cover the costs associated with your shipment
  • Access to an easy-to-use web app created by our IT department

While these are just words, Uss-Express has proven that it can keep up with these words. Although it doesn’t mention the intense workload for full-timers and the necessity to work on weekends, we consider that these conditions are quite good for potential employees who are just starting their careers in logistics.

What do quality managers do to get their salaries?

The $3,200 salary for the duties of a quality manager is quite a good amount at the beginning. To get this money in full and without delays, every quality manager has to show a stable performance while executing the following duties:

  • Processing of orders;
  • Taking photos of packages if required;
  • Verifying the quality of goods and packing materials:
  • Repacking;
  • Shipping packages.

Uss-Express promises to reward the most hardworking employees with financial bonuses!

Reviews about Uss-Express?

  1. “Working as a Quality Manager for Uss-Express is an amazing experience. I work part-time, which allows me to have the second half of the day to my university studies. They are always here for you and helpful. Thank you.” – Nehal, quality manager from Everett, Washington, USA.
  2. “The work I do requires a medium level of concentration and it is well paid. Sometimes I have to work on weekends and an intense workload may happen. I have been working at this company as a quality manager for 2 years. The company ships worldwide, so there is always plenty of work. My duties are to receive parcels from different companies and world markets like Amazon. I have to check the quality.” – Kenneth Fayant, quality manager on AmbtionBox.
  3. “Uss Express showed it to me. I didn’t think that being a quality control manager is so easy. Uss Express showed it to me. And I like it. Yeah, at the beginning I had some difficulties but then it became a routine duty. Besides, I can work from home without even traveling to the warehouse.” – quality manager from New York, NY, USA on Ineed.
  4. “Pays salary at time. Bonuses and gifts for the hollidays from companys management. Friendly team which i worked. A lot of new skills. A lot of overtime, but they are paid for. I had many times work from home on holidays I worked on this company for six month- i liked this job, many opportunities for develop my working skills. The company’s management always given gift for us. Interesting corporate parties and entertainment for workers” – Quality manager on AmbitionBox.

How do I get down to the employment procedure? 

Are you ready to face the above-mentioned duties and the workload of a real remote quality manager? If yes, this takes less than a minute to apply for this vacancy. Fill in the application form and get ready for the online job interview.

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