Why Should You Use a URL Shortener for SMS Marketing?

URL Shortener for SMS Marketing

Sending text messages to your customers is a great means of communication to include in your marketing plan. If you’re looking for a different way to use social media marketing and track your efforts, a URL shortener can help trim your links, add legitimacy, and much more.

URL Shortener for SMS Marketing

Today, we will discuss what a URL shortener is, how it works, its value to your marketing campaigns and how it boosts their performance. 

What’s a Short URL?

A short URL is an abridged version of your URL that is much easier to share online across different avenues, such as social media platforms, emails, and texting apps. It is a tool that allows you to get a shortened version of your long URL. 

What’s a Short SMS URL?

Short SMS links are used in SMS for marketing to make the text message concise, readable, and trustworthy. The SMS links can be customized with branded domains using a custom link shortening to build the most trust. URL shorteners help individuals and brands to shorten long, clunky URLs and convert them into short links.

What are the benefits?

  • More characters

Shortened links give you more characters to use because they free up space. That means there is an opportunity to put more text around your outreach.

  • Safe and secure

Another attractive feature of shortened URLs is that they are reliable and secure. You can generate unique links and add them directly to your campaigns. Due to this feature, messages containing the BSG short links avoid being blocked by the firewalls in the US, for example.

  • Automatically generated

An additional feature is that our software helps you generate short links, thus, making it simple, quick, and easy.

  • Improved conversions

You can increase your message delivery rate by using a custom domain and setting domain rotation rules that increase the likelihood of conversions.

URL Shortener for SMS Marketing

Why Do URL Shorteners Give Value to SMS Campaigns?

URL shorteners can help you acquire new leads, create and promote brand awareness and grow sales. The customized links also mean you get brand visibility and recognition. Such URLs can be effortlessly included in the SMS to forward your target audience to your website or a specific page where your offer is advertised.

Web analytics, a crucial aspect of URL shortener, cannot be ignored by brands that intend to run message marketing campaigns. BSG URL Shortener in your messages keeps tabs on clicks and hits on every link. And can at the Dashboards you see how many unique visitors your page has used a certain short link. 

How does URL click tracking work?

URL tracking is adding identifier(s) to a URL so that you can locate your best-performing marketing channels and double down on the specific content responsible for the referral traffic.

Click tracking helps you measure the effectiveness of your campaigns. BSG has a URL click tracking feature behind all shortened URLs created through the platform, whether you’re sharing a link to a discount offer or new product announcements.

URL Shortener for SMS Marketing

How it works

Each time a user clicks on the unique URL, the URL generator will record the activity and show you click data in reports. 

The output information includes:

  • Link attributes (ID, message, creation date, and more.)
  • Clicks, including the unique ones that are, new visitors 
  • Clicks are broken down to those by living persons and by bots
  • Country and city where a click was made and top countries
  • Click-through rates
  • IP, browser, and OS (including top) where a click was made
  • Referral social network and referrer
  • Time activity map
  • Average clicks per link

Choose a period, view statistics and evaluate efficiency. Determine the most impressive pages and calls to action that are most appealing to your target audience.


A link shortener for your SMS marketing is a good idea when the link you’re trying to send is quite long. It is an incredible tool for both big and small businesses. So why not give it a shot by heading over to our custom link shortening tool and give your business a boost today!

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