The World’s First Underwater Messaging App is Ready

underwater messaging

Technology is on its new high. It was impossible to send or receive messages underwater through smartphones, but things have changed. Scientists have created an advanced app to help you communicate under the sea.

The University of Washington Scientists has created this app, ‘equip’, which can work on almost all smartphones without hardware modification.

The Echo app can work on both smartphones and smartwatches. However, smartwatches rely on cell phone service and Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. All three of these means of communication do not work or are poor in any way underwater.

This app requires a waterproof smartphone or smartwatch. The most important function in this will be the microphone and speaker. App performance is based on certain elements. These include orientation, atmospheric conditions, and the condition of the diving equipment, i.e. how much oxygen there is and what other equipment is saying.

Scientists have created a separate networking protocol that can run on 60 phones simultaneously. We will share more news about this in the next updates.

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