Apple’s New Watch Pro May Match iPhone 14 in Design

apple watch pro

As the Apple event is just around the corner (September 7, 2022), the rumours are that Apple’s new watch will be similar in design to the iPhone 14.

The next Wednesday, Apple is launching its new set of hardware and software. The company have added a new slogan, “One More Thing, ” which could be a special thing. Technology experts think that it could be the new Smartwatch.

The last time they announced the slogan “One More Thing” in 2014, they produced the Apple Watch. In 2017, again, they produced the new iPhone X. Again, they are using the same slogan, and according to experts, this could be the advanced version of the Apple Watch that will be named Apple Watch Pro.

Another news is that its design will be like iPhone 14 because Apple likes the similarity between their devices. According to experts, the new watch could be bigger and have some extraordinary features. We will see all on September 7.

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