Twitter Ranked Last on Climate Misinformation Scorecard

Twitter Ranked Last on Climate Misinformation Scorecard

According to a report released by Environmental groups, Elon Musk’s social media app, X, ranks last in the climate misinformation ‘scorecard’. The information features various social media platforms and how they approach climate change.

X is formally known as Twitter due to its poor policy regarding misinformation and misleading content about climate change. Climate Action Against Disinformation is a coalition of 50 groups, organizations and ad agencies.

According to the same report, finding false information regarding climate change is more accessible than other social media and content-sharing platforms.

The words added some of the well-established accounts posting conspiracy theories regarding green energy projects. Musk himself has said against the environment several times.

Climate Action Against Disinformation was founded in 2021 as a group worried about the misinformation around Scotland’s United Nations climate summit.

Before Musk acquired Twitter, the app was working for climate, and they banned advertisements against climate change. It is unclear whether the ban has continued or not in the Elon Musk era as the founder of X (Twitter).

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