To Tackle Scams, Apple Adds Hidden Watermark and QR Codes on iPhone 15 Boxes

Apple added hidden watermarks on iPhone 15 boxes

To prevent users from fraud and scams, the iPhone maker has added a new verification method. Apple has taken extra security measures for iPhone 15 lineup boxes.

Retail employees and buyers have a new way to verify the phone’s originality.  Apple has added an invisible water marketing feature for the newly launched iPhone 15 model to prevent the purchase of fake iPhones.

The invisible watermark on the iPhone box can only be seen in Ultra Violent light.

According to tech experts, the watermark can be copied by scammers, but the new system cannot easily be duplicated.

To verify if the iPhone 15 is original, customers are advised to check the iPhone serial number and match it with the printed serial number on the box.

The recently released iPhone 15 is on sale from Friday, 22 September, 2023.

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