Top Ten SEO Mistakes of Dealer Websites-Used Car Dealers Specifically


Car dealer websites are built on the foundation of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Therefore, any issues regarding SEO will have a significant effect on the performance of your website. However, there are some common mistakes that every automotive and car dealers make while optimizing their website with SEO. So, if you do not wish to make or repeat these mistakes, you must seek advice from a top-rated SEO agency

Common mistakes made by Car Dealers

Automotive businesses often make the following SEO errors that require urgent attention:

Duplicate content and information – 

In addition to content, a website contains various elements and information. Content duplication is a frequent SEO problem for automobile dealership websites. Canonical tags assist search engines in distinguishing between original and copied material. An expert SEO agency will always encourage its clients to compose original and authentic content.

H1 and Alt Tags are missing – 

Most car dealer websites ignore H1 tags, title tags, and alt attributes for pictures (and over 60% of them). It might harm the customer experience on the website. In addition, this can influence the crawlability of search engines, affecting your website’s search ranking. Best Perth SEO agency will make sure that these minute details are taken care of.

Inadequate application Meta descriptions – 

If your car dealer website is being discovered organically, then its Meta description plays a vital role in getting the most appropriate description before the visitors opening your website link. If you have a strong Meta description, then you will get more clicks-through (CTR). Unfortunately, about 64% of the car dealer websites fail to add Meta descriptions, which is an astonishing fact.

A premium SEO agency ensures that such mistakes are never repeated. Remember that having redundant accounts is a far more significant hindrance than not possessing proper Metadata.

Link and redirection errors – 

Link errors resulting from broken inbound links are by far the most prevalent and severe issues. The 5XX and 4XX errors are next in the sequence. A “no follow” tag is added to the external links to halt the link juice.

Speed bottlenecks – 

Page loading time is another most severe and prevalent SEO issue that affects your automotive dealer website, resulting in a reduced website search rating. While your auto dealer’s website takes longer to load, bouncing rates skyrocket, and customers get directed to your rivals’ websites. 

Sitemap & Robots.txt problems are avoided – 

Your auto dealer’s sitemap.xml and robot.txt files should be checked for formatting issues. If there are any mistakes, fix them as soon as you can. Your business website’s productivity will also be affected if your sitemap.xml contains incorrect pages. 

The Use of Obsolete Technologies – 

Dispose of outdated technology as quickly as feasible, if possible Although several websites still use Flash, the technology is still available. Your company’s website should be upgraded to a contemporary, flexible digital platform, such as WordPress. For every business that interacts with its customers, a great website design is a must.

Images of inferior quality – 

You must post images of high resolution to accompany every advert while selling automobiles online. Users need to view your products from various angles before they decide to come down and have a peek at them. Without a significant number of high-quality photos, you may lose a customer base. 

Websites that aren’t mobile-friendly – 

Whenever we visit a website, this is a pretty typical problem that we come across. If you want your web page to assist you in selling vehicles in a short period, it must be a mobile-friendly one. Best among Perth SEO companies always emphasize this aspect as it significantly helps businesses to grow.

Optimization of the wrong keywords – 

Most seller sites ignore the vast array of relevant catchphrases available and concentrate only on the most intensely focused and less focused on keywords. “The long tail” is a superb method for improving rush hour traffic in places like the one where the customer is working to optimize.

The Bottom Line 

Many dealerships lack the means or workforce to adopt a thorough SEO strategy such as the one we outlined in this blog article, which is why we created this guide. So, to avoid such SEO mistakes, you must consult the best among Perth SEO.


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