How to Launch and Promote a Cooking Show on CTV?


Food has become a favoured topic for vloggers to cover in their channels. This niche of cooking online has drawn attention from large audiences, as everyone loves to watch food reviews, and everyone needs to know how to cook to some degree. Therefore, a well-made cooking channel can up rack up views and subscribers.

Here are some tips on how to start your cooking show. 

Points to remember when creating a cooking vlog

We’ve pointed out some crucial elements which might help you launch and promote a successful cooking show. 

Video quality

Your first reaction might be that cooking videos should be super high quality, with HD videos showing off your creations. However, in reality, what matters is proportion. This means that high-quality production is important if you are aiming for a more “high brow” cooking tutorial or review, but if you are doing more your own channel for cooking, don’t be afraid to save some time and money by having a lower production value. 

Explore rare topics 

This advice can be more difficult to carry out, but it is one of the most important things you can do. To be successful when starting the cooking show, you should experiment with different formats of your show. You’ll be able to find something that fits not only you, but also that has demand on CTV – some food bloggers have found success with deep dives into food history, for example, while others stage multi-video travelogues exploring little known local delicacies.

Be creative

Some go to cooking channels to learn the techniques and methods of cooking, but even for those people, a boring video is still hard to watch. This is especially true for the demographic of viewers who watch cooking videos just for its fun. Because of this, don’t be afraid to mess around, make some silly videos, and be just plain fun and creative.

Where to publish your content?

Of course, you might choose YouTube, which is the most popular channel among vloggers, but you should also get to know other platforms. You may select them as an additional way to distribute your content and reach out to new audiences. 

Apple TV 

Apple TV is one of the leading vendors on the global CTV market. It offers multiple categories, but the Food & Drink category remains poorly covered. It needs more content as the current competition is relatively low. As a content creator, you should keep this in mind to boost your coverage, promote your cooking show quickly, and stand out among other competitors in the niche. On Apple TV, you can find dozens of frameworks and templates that tvOS Apple Developer offers to help you release an app for the show. 


Roku hosts numerous shows and offers profitable terms for cooperation, as well as transparent video content monetization. You can upload your videos and use the tools the Roku platform provides for promotion. What’s more, you can also create an app to let bigger audiences discover your recipes. 


Cooking channels are an exciting path for vloggers to go down, both for their fans and themselves. It is a somewhat niche category that doesn’t have a huge supply of CTV, but at the same time, is in high demand. Use these tips to allow your cooking channel to develop and go off without a hitch.

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