7 Encryption Software Tools To Protect Your Sensitive Data

7 Encryption Software Tools To Protect Your Sensitive Data

The world is certainly turning out to be a completely digital one. Of course, it has brought a myriad of benefits in the form of ease at various works but the demerits are also no less. Our digital assets are most of the time pretty vulnerable, all thanks go to the dangerous hackers who have become quite adept at stealing people’s private information.

Hence, to be vigilant enough, all of us need at least one effective encryption software to keep the data safe and secured. When it comes to protecting our files and folders, various encryption software proves to be excellent enough. Out of all of them, some are free encryption software and others are the paid ones which help in excellent data protection.

The major function of such encryption tools is to encode data in such a way that it can be unlocked with the help of only a certain key. Thus, it enhances the extent of data protection and data security massively.

List of Tools To Protect Your Sensitive Data

Do you want to explore such potent encryption software out there? Read on!

  1. VeraCrypt

This astounding encryption software is simply best for data security and data privacy. It works on various platforms including Windows, macOS, Linux, etc. The resources which are covered by VeraCrypt include encryption and brute-force attack protection. The major perks of this encryption software are that the basic version of VeraCrypt is completely free encryption software. It provides fantastic encryption of files.

It is pretty easy to use this encryption tool so that you can increase data privacy effectively. All that you need to do is add encrypted passwords to your data and partitions. For that, you’ve to provide certain details about your data such a volume size, location, etc. and that’s it!

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  1. SECUREIT 2000

To protect your data folders is one of the crucial parts of data privacy and SECUREIT 2000 can easily do that for you. The major striking features of this encryption software are many. It can password protect the files and folders instantly along with encrypting confidential data with significant 448-bit encryption. Also, some of the vital attributes of this encryption software include built-in compression to save storage space, command line processing and so on.

  1. CertainSafe

It is a premium quality cloud-based solution for data encryption, password protection, prevention against blue-force attack prevention, and secured file storage. CertainSafe is also available as free encryption software for 30 days to ensure that you could judge it well before making a purchase.

Further, the monthly plan for this software is affordable enough. With this encryption software, you can store and share various documents along with securing all kinds of private messages, videos, photos, other files, etc. Moreover, you can even use this software to collaborate and communicate with your colleagues while making sure that all your correspondence is encrypted.  

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  1. CryptoExpert 8

This software offers powerful protection indeed. The best platform to use this software is windows. The major resources covered by this software are encryption, password protection, etc. It uses more than one encryption methods and also the extent of encryption is powerful enough by CryptoExpert 8.

Also, one of the best parts of this software is that it can secure the vaults of unlimited size. It even uses the major encryption algorithms like Blowfish, Cast, 3DES, and AES-256, etc. Thus, CryptoExpert 8 is indeed one of the best data encryption software now. It works for 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows 7,8, and 10.

  1. 7-Zip

It is one of the most lightweight file archives in the market. It can amazingly compress and organize files for easy storage along with offering a strong level of file encryption. With 7-Zip, you can convert the entire volumes of files into encrypted versions that only you will have the keys to. It’s a completely free data encryption software which supports a 256-bit AES encryption. Although the official download is Windows only, this software is having unofficial builds for Linux and OS X systems as well.

  1. BitLocker

It is an astounding full-disk encryption tool which is built into Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows Server too. This software supports the AES encryption which comprises of whole disk encryption along with encrypting various volumes and virtual dives which can be opened and accessed just like any random drive on the computer. BitLocker successfully uses various authentication mechanisms typical passwords and PINs, USB ‘key’ and more crucial and talked about Trusted Platform Module technology.

  1. Folder Lock

Of course, encrypting the commercial devices is important but securing the personal devices which store crucial data is much-needed too. With Folder Lock, you can do that effortlessly. It is a great software when it comes to adding encryption to your smartphones. This app can exclusively protect your files, folders, photos, videos, contacts, wallet cards, notes, audio recordings, and what not!

Conclusion – Tools To Protect Your Sensitive Data

Aren’t these data encryption software completely outstanding?

Make use to use them for keeping all your digital data totally safe and secured all the time.

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