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Fix “This Message has not Been Downloaded from the Server” Error


Email communication is one of the best and still most used methods in this fast communication time. Unluckily nowadays, many Microsoft Outlook and iPhone Mail users facing this message have not been downloaded from the server error for some email messages.

The users of the Apple ecosystem like iPhone, Mac, iPad mainly complain about this error and some Microsoft Outlook Windows users. In some cases, the error appears after the OS update, and in some cases, the error occurs during the email movement between folders. This error is not limited to a specific email provider.

The following reasons can be included in the Mail app error message. Recognize the reason behind your system and fix it within no time.

  1. Outdated OS devices might not be compatible with email servers; you face the error.
  2. In editing the email’s header by an anti-spam filtering app like MailEssential, GFI makes the emails incompatible with the mail app; in this situation, the mail app shows the error.
  3. Email Server Configuration for copy Removal: If the email server is configured to remove the email copy and remove the document before any other person accesses it, then the email client will face the download error message from the server-side. In this case, you will not download the copy from the server.
  4. Corrupt Mail App installation might fail to communicate with the server properly and cause to fall to download some email messages.

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Relaunch Mail App After Force Closing

Relaunching the Mail app after force closing can fix this message that has not been downloaded from the server because Between iPhone and email server, a temporary fault can cause this problem.

  • Start iPhone’s Mail app, then open an email that has shown “This Message has not been downloaded from the server” error.
  • Hold the iPhone’s Home icon for 8 to 10 seconds till closed the Mail app and shown the iPhone’s Home screen.

Relaunch the Mail App After Force Closing it

  • Again, start the Mail app and check if it is properly working.
  • If it still exists, force close the Mail app and turn off Wi-Fi in the Settings.
  • Now restart the phone and enable your Mobile Data.
  • Now launch the Mail app and check if the error is fixed.

Set Mail Preview to 5 Lines

Some Mail apps download only email headers, and on the email opened. If the mail app cannot download the message or title correctly due to any fault, it may create a download error. This message has not been downloaded from the server can fix if the Mail preview to 5 lines Mail app to download the message and header at once.

  • Open iPhone Settings, then move to Mail.

Set Mail Preview to 5 Lines

  • From the Message List option, click the Preview and choose 5 Lines.

choose 5 Lines

  • Now restart the iPhone and upon restart, now check if the error is fixed.
  • If the error is still there and you are using a custom-created folder to manage the emails, check if removing a specific character such as tide ~ (if present) from the folder name can fix the error.

From Phone’s Settings Enable Fetch

Emails are delivered to a user’s device via Fetch or Push methods. In the Push method, a client is informed by the server of the new emails, whereas, in the Fetch process, the client application repeatedly requests the server for new emails.

By default, the iPhone utilizes the Push way, but the email server, because of any fault, might have some problems in pushing the emails to the device, so in this case, you face the error. So, in this case, setting the iPhone to use the fetch email way may fix the error.

  • Open the iPhone Settings, then Passwords & Accounts.

iPhone Settings

  • Choose Fetch New Data and move to the Push icon to the off

Fetch New Data

  • Now enable Fetch(if not auto-enabled) and set the Fetch to Automatically. In some devices, you click on the problematic account then choose Fetch.

this message has not been downloaded from the server

  • Here set all other accounts to Fetch that appears to Push, then restart
  • Once restarted, check if the iPhone is free from the message not downloaded from the server.

Enable the Gmail Recent Mode

Suppose you use a different email client application such as MS Outlook on a computer and Mail on iPhone, then every 15 minutes. In that case, the clients will check the Gmail server, and those who study the email firstly may hide the email from another client. in this situation, the error can occur.

In this case, this message has not been downloaded from the server can fix by enabling the Recent Mode of Gamil as in this mode, the Gmail server push the Mail to all connected email clients from the last thirty days; anyway, the email was downloaded previously by any of client.

  • Open the Gmail Account Settings in the email client, e.g., Outlook, in the Email tab.

this message has not been downloaded from the server

this message has not been downloaded from the server

  • Tap on Next icon and once the Settings are updated, tap on Done.

this message has not been downloaded from the server

  • Here restart the system after the restart, check if the message not downloaded error fixed, some iPhone users, may have to enable Use Recent Mode in Settings>> Mail>> Gmail.
  • If an error still exists, check if the disabling IMAP on the Gmail website resolves the issue.

Enable ‘Keep the Copy on the Server’ from Setting

Almost all email clients permit a user to delete the message copy from the server after recovering the message. If you have more clients configured to retrieve the email messages, such as iMac and iPhone, and if one device has removed the letters from the server after a recovery, in such a situation, the error message will show on the other device. You can fix the message that has not been downloaded from the server error by keeping the message copy option on the server.

  • Open Mail app, then its Preferences.
  • Here head to Accounts tabs, then choose problematic account.
  • Then go to the Advanced tab and uncheck Remove Copy from Server After Retrieving the Message. Few devices show the never remove from the server or leave a copy on server option.

server download error

  • Now close the Mail Preferences window and restart the system.
  • Repeat the same method on all other email clients and afterward, and check if the error is fixed.

After enabling this setting, when you delete a message on your device in the delete folder, the email message will also be deleted from the other instruments; when you want to open the message on another device, it will show the error.

Disable the Device Anti-Spam Product

Most of the clients download the email header first and then message. So if the anti-spam or security products filter the title, which is not compatible with the email client, you will face the message download error here. You can fix the message that has not been downloaded from the server error by disabling the anti-spam or security product of the device. Here is how you can disable it:

This process can expose the system to threats like Trojans, viruses, etc., so do it with great care.

  • Start the GFI Mail Essentials Switchboard, then head to its Troubleshooting
  • Here, in the Enable/Disable Email Processing, tap the Disable icon and tap Yes in the Service Restart Required dialogue message.

EnableDisable Email Processing

  • Now launch the email client and check if its server message download error is fixed.

Turn Off, then Turn on the Email Account

  • Go to the iPhone Settings, then open Mail, Contacts, Calendars.

this message has not been downloaded from the server

  • Click the problematic account and go to the Mail switch to off

this message not downloaded

  • Wait till the emails of the account disappear in the Mail client.

message not downloaded

  • Now restart iPhone and after the restart, turn on the email account.
  • Wait till the email syncs then, check if the message download error is fixed.

Re-Add the Email Account

  • Go to the iPhone Settings, then open Mail (or Passwords and Accounts).
  • Now click the Accounts and choose problematic email account.
  • Tap on Delete Account then, confirm to delete the account by clicking the Delete from My iPhone.

Delete Account in iphone

  • Here restart the iPhone. After that, re-add the account (if the Gmail account, use another type, not POP3) to the Mail app and check if it is properly working.
  • If not work and the account is required to use 2 Factor Authentication, check if disabling 2FAcan fix the error.
  • If the issue exists, check if switching between POP3 or IMAP account types for the email account fixes the error.

Reinstall Mail Application

The mail application shows the error with corrupt mail app installation and configuration. Reinstall the mail app to fix the error.

  • Go to the iPhone menu, then press/hold the Mail app till the pop-up menu shows.
  • Here in the pop-up menu shown, choose Delete App then confirm to remove the Mail app.

choose Delete App then confirm

  • Restart the iPhone then, go to the Apple App Store.

message not download error

  • Here find the Mail then install the iPhone Mail app.
  • Go to the Mail app and configure it according to your requirement.
  • Now check if the Mail app can download the messages from the servers.
Tabbasum is the internet marketing manager at BestKodiTips. She works as a freelance and ghost writer for various businesses across the globe.

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