The Beauty of iPhone Pictures & Videos is Incredible – Elon Musk to Tim Cook

The Beauty of iPhone Pictures & Videos is Incredible - Elon Musk to Tim Cook

The World’s richest man and X (Twitter) owner has a love-hate relationship with Apple’s iPhone. A few months ago, Elon Musk openly criticized Apple through his tweets on X.

In his latest tweet, Elon Musk is a fan of iPhone photography. While replying to Apple’s CEO Tim Cook’s Tweet, he replied, “The Beauty of iPhone Pictures & Videos is Incredible”.

Tim shared some photos on Twitter, taken by famous photographers Reuben Wu and Stephen Wilkes. It is essential to know that there is a cold fight between Apple and X.

Last Week while giving an interview with CBS, the Apple CEO said that they are evaluating whether they should advertise on X. Similarly, Elon Musk wrote on Twitter, “Apple has mostly stopped advertising on Twitter.

“Do they hate free speech in America?” Similarly, he tweeted, “What’s going on here @tim_cook?”.

After this, X owner was invited by Apple’s CEO at the Apple headquarters to discuss the company advertisement on X.

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