TikTok is Testing Google Search Integration

TikTok is Testing Google Search Integration

The famous Video sharing and video-editing app TikTok, has started testing Google Search integration to its platform. A screenshot of the same was shared by the researcher Rado Oncescu on its X (Twitter) handler.

According to the screenshot, a Google search tab on the top of the application can search for content from the internet and display it within the TikTok app.

Furthermore, the Google search card is located in the middle of TikTok videos, and when the option is selected, a warning will appear stating that TikTok is not responsible for the search results coming from the Google search platform.

The current TikTok search feature can search certain items on the platform, but the new move shows that the company is interested in improving the functionality to the next level.

The same feature was also acknowledged and confirmed by the TikTok authorities. They confirmed that the company is testing the inclusion of Google Search.

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