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The AI Features on Galaxy S24 Phones in China are Powered by Baidu, Not Google

The AI Features on Galaxy S24 Phones in China are Powered by Baidu, Not Google

In an exciting development, Samsung has opted for Baidu’s Ernie AI to power the Galaxy S24 series in China, bypassing the use of Galaxy AI features. This decision is attributed to Google’s limited presence in the country.

Ernie AI will replicate Galaxy AI features, including Gemini foundational models for real-time call translation, summarization, and text formatting on the Chinese version of the Galaxy S24. 

Additionally, the phones will feature a Chinese version of Google’s ‘Circle to Search.’ 

Samsung Electronics China and Baidu jointly declared, as reported by CNBC in an official statement.

Now featuring Ernie’s understanding and generation capabilities, the upgraded Samsung Note Assistant can translate content and also summarize lengthy content into clear, intelligently organized formats at the click of a button,

Baidu’s Ernie 4.0 is being promoted as the most potent version of its fundamental model that possesses abilities comparable to OpenAI’s GPT-4.

Within just four months of its release, the Ernie bot has already acquired more than 100 million users, thereby competing with Tencent and Alibaba in generative AI.

Nevertheless, Baidu’s stock has faced challenges following reports of cyberwarfare testing, although the company has denied any collaboration.

In recent years, Samsung has faced challenges in the competitive Chinese smartphone market, failing to secure a spot among the top 5 vendors.

In a market dominated by Apple and local brands like Honor, Vivo, Huawei, and Oppo, Samsung’s market share remains notably low.

Despite these hurdles, Samsung persistently introduces new products in China, optimistic about the potential to reclaim a portion of its lost market share.


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