6 Important Factors to Consider When Switching to Cloud-Based Technology

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Considering a cloud-based technology solution for your business, it’s vital to view all the factors that will create a successful transition. Cloud adoption has become more prevalent in the last decade—and it’s not going away anytime soon. There are many factors to consider when making the switch, and here are 6 of them.

Cloud Security

Security is probably the most crucial factor to consider and often gets overlooked when evaluating cloud-based technologies. One of the main benefits of using a SaaS solution is that you can use the software without having to worry as much about maintenance costs. 

However, this convenience comes at a price. If your data isn’t secure, it could be lost or stolen, costing your business dearly. To ensure that doesn’t happen and your information is kept safe while still being accessible across all devices, you must research how strong each provider’s security measures are before settling on one. Cloud Security is vital when it comes to choosing software service providers.

Business Use Cases

Business use cases are the ways you plan to use cloud-based technology. You can think of them as scenarios for which you will use your cloud-based services. For example, suppose you’re considering moving to a new solution for document sharing, collaboration, and video streaming with your team members. In that case, you might want to include that in your business use case list.

Another example is if your business needs a way to create and store files from their mobile devices on demand without downloading them onto their computers, this would also be an essential feature for you. Business use cases help determine if a cloud solution provides all the features you need to collaborate and do your work.


When you’re looking to switch to cloud-based technology, you want to ensure it’s accessible. This means that you need the ability to access information and services from any location at any time. A cloud provider needs a global presence for this reason. If your data is stored in multiple locations worldwide, then there’s less of a chance that someone could shut down your operations by bringing down one server or taking out an entire facility in a remote location.

Cost Versus Benefit

Money is always an essential factor to consider when investing in a new technology solution. The costs of cloud-based technology are often hard to calculate because they are hidden in other areas of your business. For example, if you have an employee staying late at the office to finish a project they could complete from home using cloud-based technology, you’re paying for that time in a way that isn’t obvious. However, the hard cost of the subscription versus what you pay now should be easy to determine. Other soft costs and benefits such as the ability to collaborate while on a business trip or work remotely, should also be part of the conversation.


Maintenance is another crucial factor to consider when switching to cloud-based technology. You’ll be paying a monthly fee to a company to maintain their systems instead of spending your own staff money to maintain systems in-house. If the SaaS company doesn’t provide a maintenance schedule that works for you, you may do more to back up your data to ensure it doesn’t get lost.

When considering maintenance, ask how often updates are released and how easy it will be for you to handle them. Also, ask about any costs associated with updates—some companies charge their customers for every update, whether they use them.

How Complicated is it to Transition?

Migrating to a new software solution isn’t always very straightforward. There are many moving parts to consider. For one, how long will it take to move your data? Depending on the size of your company and how much data you have, this can be a huge undertaking. If you’re moving all of your company’s files and documents over to the cloud, there’s a good chance that this process will take weeks or even months to finish. In the meantime, your company needs to work on training staff on the new methods for accessing data, including getting everyone set up with usernames and passwords.


Businesses have been able to start up and thrive because of many cloud-based technologies. The cloud has been an incredible innovation, but it’s not suitable for every business or every process. Ask big questions about how cloud technology can save your company money and time or even promote a remote work environment. 

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