Sony Q2 Profit Falls by 29% Despite PS5 High Sales

A Ransomware Group Claims to Have Breached Sony Systems Data

Sony Group’s profit dropped by 29% in the second quarter of 2023. The yield of Sony Group in July-September of 2023 was recorded as 263 billion yen, which is approximately 1.75 billion.

In the mentioned quarter, Sony’s image and sensor and chip divisions were the most disappointing in revenue.

According to financial reports, the chip profit of Sony dropped by 37% due to the high production expenses.

Similarly, sales of the entertainment and technology division dropped by 9% compared to the previous year. The only positive point is the Play Station 5.

The company shipped more than 5.9 million units of the famous PS5 in the July-September quarter. This number is 1.6 million more than the same quarter of the previous year.

To date, Sony Group has successfully shipped more than 45 million PS5 units since the launch of the gaming console in 2020.

Besides the PS5, the newly launched Spidar-Man 2 is an impressive product with 5 million units sold.

Sony is hopeful to ship 25 million units of PS5 by the end of this year. It means they must send 16.8 million units in the remaining three months of this year (2023).


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