SOCKS5 vs HTTP Proxies – The Main Differences

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The Proxy servers, also called proxies, are excellent tools that you can use to access a page or a website using your browser securely. The good thing about proxies is that your identity remains hidden while browsing online. However, there are several proxies available today. 

Two of the most common and most reliable proxies are SOCKS5 and HTTP. However, each one has its advantages and disadvantages. Although they are both proxies, their functions are different from each other. 

With that said, learn more about the primary differences between SOCKS5 and HTTP proxies below. 

What Are Proxies?

Before we delve deeper into the specific differences between the SOCKS5 proxy server and the HTTP proxy server, you must first understand what a proxy server is and what it does.

As mentioned, proxies are used to access a website or a webpage without revealing the user’s identity. For example, suppose you wish to access a company’s website located abroad, but you found that your access is restricted because they only allow traffic from their country.

This is where proxy servers come in handy. Proxies can hide your current location and make it seem like you’re accessing the site from another location.

This means that the company’s site you are trying to access abroad will think that you are residing in their country, thereby giving you access. The company’s website won’t suspect that you are accessing their site from another country. 

This function can quickly be done with the correct proxy server. While numerous options are available, two of the most popular and most reliable are SOCKS5 and HTTP proxies.

HTTP Proxy Servers

You may have noticed that every time you look up something in your browser, many websites and webpages start with “HTTP.” Webpages with HTTP at the start of their link mean that they use the HTTP protocol to function. 

HTTP proxies’ function is by the use of a server model and a client. For example, suppose you’re looking for specific information. In that case, you can type your search in your browser and hit enter. After this, your browser’s HTTP protocol will send a request so you can access your chosen website.

Your request will be in the form of a URL, and the one who receives your request on the other end is called the server. The server will then respond to that link carrying the information you’re searching for. The resource you receive will also be in an HTTP format.

An HTTP proxy server functions just like the example above. However, because it is a proxy server, your identity is concealed, and you can rest assured that no one will be able to gain access to your personal information.

Since an HTTP protocol’s function is to retrieve information using the web browser, it’s ideal for you to an HTTP proxy in this situation.

However, when it comes to security, HTTP proxy servers tend to pose more risks than SOCKS5 proxy servers since others have a significantly higher chance to view your data.

SOCKS5 Proxy Servers

SOCKS is another type of protocol on the internet that sends various network packets coming from the server, then to the client, and then back again to the server by using a proxy server. 

A SOCKS proxy server, also known as Sockets Secure, manages various information online using a proxy server. 

While HTTP proxy servers use the HTTP protocol, SOCKS5 proxy servers, on the other hand, use the SOCKS protocol. As a result, SOCKS5 proxy servers are considered slightly more reliable than HTTP.

However, many people consider SOCKS5 proxies lower than HTTP since they do not follow the HTTP protocol. This means SOCKS5 proxy servers are more suited for general purposes, but this doesn’t mean it’s a disadvantage.

Since it doesn’t follow HTTP protocol, users can experience more flexibility and use this proxy for various online functions.

Additionally, SOCKS5 proxy servers are considered more secure since they can’t read data. Therefore, because the whole idea of using a proxy server is to keep yourself anonymous, many people prefer SOCKS5 proxies since they are much safer.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the best proxy server for you all boils down to the specific function you want to use it for. For example, for information retrieval, HTTP proxy servers are the better choice since they are designed to function and excel in that specific aspect.

On the other hand, if you prefer more flexibility in what you can do and better security, it would be best to go for SOCKS5 proxy servers.

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