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What is IDP.Generic Virus | How to Remove IDP Generic from System

What is IDP.Generic Virus How to Remove IDP Generic from System

In the modern world of technology, where data is generating rapidly, it is essential to look at other aspects of data. According to older research, in 2020, around 1.7MB of data will be generated by a single user. This number shows the significance of data and its privacy on the internet.

Due to the so many bad actors, making the data safe and away from unauthorized people can be a monumental task. Advancement in technology also creates new threats to online digital data, such as new types of viruses, malware, spyware, ransomware, and other malicious elements.


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If any of these malicious elements stay on your computer or mobile phone, your data is open to hackers and data stealers. In the modern world of technology, there are plenty of solutions available to fight bad actors and malware. One of these solutions is known as Antivirus software.

This software help in fighting the virus in a computer system and hence helps you avoid data integrity issues. An antivirus program helps detect the virus in a system and propose a solution based on the type of virus.

Here in this article, we are talking about the standard type of Windows virus known as IDP.generic. If antivirus detects an IDP Generic virus in your system, you have to take serious action against it.

In this guide on the IDP Generic virus of Windows 10, we have covered everything related to this virus and how can you detect and remove it from your computer system.

What is IDP Generic Malware

When you run an anti virus such as AVG on your system, then this virus appears in the detected malware list. IDP Generic is a dangerous malware detected by some famous software such as AVG or Avast antivirus application. IDP virus is commonly known as a type of spyware or malware that intends to steal your identity from your computer. This may include your sensitive files, data, passwords and other official documents.

What are the leading causes that led IDP.generic Virus to enter your system?

Like any other virus, IDP generic malware can enter your system by clicking on an unwanted ad, opening a low authority website with on-click ads, or opening a spam email containing the virus.

How to Remove the IDP.Generic Virus?

Plenty of options can be used to remove the idp.generic virus from your computer system. A few of these methods are explained below.

The most common solution for any virus is to use and run anti virus on the system. A good anti virus application can detect the virus, and then you can take the appropriate decision. You can use AVG or Avast antivirus to scan your system for virus, detect IDP.genric virus, highlight it and get it removed from your system.

Most of the time, IDP Generic virus enters the system from emails or spammy websites. So an excellent anti-virus can help you in scanning the upcoming mails and websites.

Using good anti-virus software can help you browse the internet more safely and send personal data without any fear of losing it to a bad actor.

Update Anti Virus If you have already installed an anti-virus application on your system and it is not paid, make sure you use one with a premium product key. Most of the time virus enters the system through cracked software installed on your system.

Install Pending Updates

When your system is not updated correctly, it creates a security hole for the virus and other harmful online elements. Make sure your system is always up to date with all the security-related updates. Each new update gives you a more secure system and keeps you a step away from the harmful digital elements.

Remove Suspicious Programs

Using torrent software, outdated anti-virus applications will always keep your security on the stack. So, the best way to avoid security breaches is to remove any such application from your system.

Also, if you notice that your system is slower than before after installing new software, you have to take serious action to avoid spreading the IDP.geneic virus. Remove the app and check if the system is back to its original performance.

Restore System

If you notice the IDP.generic virus on your system and cannot remove it from your system with the help of the solutions mentioned above, then the final step is to restore your system.

In most cases, it is a serious step in terms of data loss, but in some cases, it becomes essential to perform. After restoring the system, you will get away from the computer virus, including IDP.generic malware.

How to Restore Windows System

  • Click on Windows Key and write the System Restore option
  • Now click on the “Create a Restore Point” tab
  • On the Next Tab, click on the “System Restore” button
  • On the next tab, click on “Show more restore points.”

Click on the restore point “Automatic Restore Point” and click on the “Next” button. Now follow the instructions and go through them.

It will take around half an hour for your system to be fully restored. Be patient and don’t interrupt your plan.

Final Words

Whenever you see any malicious activity on your system, you should think seriously about this. A little bit of minor attention can increase the threat of data leakage to the bad actors. The steps mentioned above and solutions can help you remove or minimize the risk of IDP generic virus and other types of attacks on your system.

It is always recommended not to open spammy emails or to open unknown ads on any website. Don’t use torrent websites on your system, and never reply to any spam emails.

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