Top 5 Reasons To Hire Dedicated Development Teams For Your Next Project

Top 5 Reasons To Hire Dedicated Development Teams For Your Next Project

The volume of the IT outsourcing market has been steadily growing over several years. Numerous studies of global consulting companies evidence this. And it is not just that. There are many reasons why it is really best to hire a development team for your next project. 

What is the value of a partnership with a dedicated development team service

Free time 

The most valuable resource is time. Heads of IT departments of big corporations are cautious about their own labour costs. Therefore they are increasingly attracting external resources to solve current IT problems. By involving the development team, there is time that can be used to solve various business problems. 

The client receives a ready-made cohesive project team with relevant experience. If you manage to build a relationship with a permanent IT partner, there is no need for the same training of new teams on the same set of rules, standards and technologies. The permanent contractor does not need to be dedicated to the specifics of the business. He is already familiar with the accepted framework, and the necessary communicators and task trackers are configured. 

Project launch and implementation speed

 In a highly competitive environment, such a parameter as the speed of a new product release is critically significant for companies. Practice shows that the leaders of the digital race are those companies that use the services of dedicated developers. Trends in the IT industry are changing at a cosmic speed; the needs for new competencies of specialists often appear suddenly.

Given the shortage of qualified IT specialists, most businesses have a partner in their arsenal who is ready to promptly provide a specialist or a whole project team with the necessary competencies to release the product on the company despite the lack of internal resources’ strictly scheduled deadline. 

Saving your budget

Companies that successfully use the outsourcing model report a decrease in the organisation’s total costs by up to 25%. Indicators can be more impressive. The services of an external team are always more profitable if you need to perform a separate block of work within a project, for example, testing new product features or upgrading an existing version of an application. If we talk about episodic work project work, say, like creating and launching an MVP, then using an external resource will also be cheaper. 


The tasks on the customer’s side can be varied. In some cases, the competence of internal specialists may not be enough to implement some of them. The advantages of attracting outsourcing companies lie in their flexibility and ability to form any project team for various requirements and project tasks of the client. 

If the in-house developer, over time, at some point ceases to suit the employer, then interaction with him in the future will create additional difficulties. In an outsourcing company, the external team assumes the risks associated with the replacement of a specialist. 


The basis of a productive relationship between a client and a contractor is forming an open partnership dialogue between them. The main role in establishing such relationships should be assigned to the outsourcing company.

There are many ways to organize a comfortable workspace: task trackers displaying current task statuses, weekly meetups discussing intermediate results, working out sprints and receiving feedback from the customer. Regular communication in messengers also allows the customer to get as close as possible to the development process and always stay in the centre of events. 

Therefore, if you want to save time, money and get the desired result, the best option would be to turn to They will help you with absolutely any kind of work and make your project perfect.

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