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How to Create Perfect Website Explainer Video Using Simple Steps?

How to Create Perfect Website Explainer Video Using Simple Steps?

It is not very difficult to create a website explainer video if you know the basic principles of work. Practice shows that even an investment in the form of ordering a video from a professional team quickly pays off. The fact is that the audience perceives the live format much better. Substantial organic traffic will go to the site, and your site will quickly rise in the search results without additional measures.

The corporate explainer video has also proven itself well. If your company trains employees regularly, a series of short videos will help you achieve the best results. People are much more likely to watch videos than they read. Dynamic information is also easier to remember.

In the beginning, think carefully about the plot and who will be in the frame. We will talk about the technical part in more detail in today’s article. Video creation can be roughly divided into 3 stages.

1. Preparation

Load all files into the slideshow program: photo, video and audio. For convenience, please place them in the File Library and transfer them to the timeline as needed. Pay attention to the embedded content: sounds, music, videos and backgrounds. You can also use them in your project.

Arrange the files on the tracks in the order you want. Most editing software has this feature. Move photos or videos around the track without linking to each other, leaving free space for screensavers and titles.

2. Installation

Avoid the clutter of special effects that will interfere with the perception of information. But don’t go into minimalism, either. The point is that frames have to change with the proper frequency. If the frame is delayed, viewers first lose their concentration and their interest in what is happening. All basic editing tools are usually located on one panel. You will need slicing, rotating, cropping, and colour grading.

Additional filters: artistic effects, correction and colour filters will help make the video more vivid and branded. Don’t forget to use your corporate logo and other attributes of your company.

Choose a variety of transitions for a beautiful change of slides. It used to be fashionable to combine frames in the same style. The practice has shown that the more unexpected the effect of the transition, the better people concentrate on the subsequent information. You can add a transition to each clip individually or all at once, having previously selected them from the available templates.

Don’t forget about credits. Opening and ending credits, explanations and screensavers make information easier to remember. It is also an additional opportunity to advertise the brand and broadcast the company’s mission.

Stickers or themed decorations should match the overall design of the company’s website and not stand out from the corporate colour scheme.

Interesting ideas for video design:

  • Color correction (manual, automatic, LUT-templates);
  • Rotate and crop;
  • Overlay (picture in picture);
  • Zoom and panorama;
  • Animation;
  • Slow motion.

Also worth working on is the audio quality:

  • Synchronization combines identical audio from different sources;
  • Equalizer;
  • Elimination of noise (will make the sound in the video cleaner and better);
  • Beat recognition (leaves markings on the timeline so that slides change to the music).

3. Promotion

As gorgeous as your video is, if only a few people see it, you won’t get the desired effect. In addition to posting the video on your website, be sure to announce the release on social media and other platforms. You can use free forums and platforms like YouTube for advertising, as well as order paid ads.

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