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How to Purchase Valorant Points with Codashop?

How to Purchase Valorant Points with Codashop

If you have never played Valorant, you should know what it is. Here are the complete details about Valorant and how to purchase Valorant points using Codashop. Let’s first talk about Valorant. It is a team-based action game that has you aiming at enemies. Your team must stay together to survive.

As an initiate, you will use Skye’s dog to clear the way and Sova’s Owl Drone to clear A Sewers. You can follow them once they are done to ensure that enemies do not spot them. Once they are out of the way, they will confirm that there are no enemies around and open up space in A Sewers for your teammates. You will also need to monitor your opponents’ economy so that they can make the best use of their resources.

This guide aims to give you an idea about the Valorant points of purchasing using Codashop. If you’ve been looking for a way to purchase Valorant Points, you’ve come to the right place. This guide will walk you through the process step-by-step. You can even gift Valorant Points to friends or family members in your country. All you need to do is make the payment, and your gift will be delivered to your recipient’s in-game account within a few seconds. Find some
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Valorant Codashop

Codashop is a third-party website that allows you to purchase premium currencies, including Valorant Points, for the same price as the in-game retailer. Codashop also accepts payment options from many countries, including your own, convenient if you live outside of the US or Canada. It’s also safe and secure, so you’ll never have to worry about losing your money.

While Codashop doesn’t have a physical location, it’s a trusted website selling VP for the lowest prices possible. It’s legit and has served game players from over ten countries for years. Moreover, players won’t have to worry about losing money or missing out on a great gaming experience.

How to Purchase Valorant Points from Codashop?

Below is the guide that will help you purchase Valorant points using the Codashop website. Follow the steps for a complete purchasing experience. 

  • Open in a web browser 
  • Choose Valorant from the list of games 
  • Enter the Riot ID 
  • Choose one of the top-up options 
  • Select the payment option 
  • Enter email ID 

Once you complete the above steps, you will be able to purchase the Valorant points successfully. After buying the points, these will be added to your account within seconds. Usually, points are loaded in seconds; however, if you don’t see loaded points in your Valorant account, restart the system. 

Cost of Valorant Points using Codashop? 

There are different sets of points that you can purchase. Each set costs a different price. Below is the breakdown of points with respect to US dollar (USD) 

  1. 475 VP costs USD4.99 
  2. 1,000 VP costs USD 9.99 
  3. 2,050 VP costs USD 19.99 
  4. 3,650 Valorant points cost USD 34.99 
  5. 5,350 VP costs USD 49.99 
  6. 11,000 VP costs USD 99.99

If you exchange your local currency for the US dollar, these prices may vary. Also, in some countries, the bank charges and the exchange rates are different from others. So, expect a little bit different in these mentioned prices. 

Benefits of Valorant Points?

After purchasing the Valorant points using Codashop, these can be used for various purchases. You can use these points to buy cosmetics in the game. However, you can’t purchase Radianite as it is only available for premium currency. Finally, Valorant is a free to play game; you only need these points whenever you want to purchase cosmetics. So spend your money only when you need cosmetics. 

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