Home Office: How to make your working day more efficient

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We have dreamed about the home office for years, and it has finally arrived. Many things contributed to this change, and now it’s time to embrace it. 

This couldn’t have been possible without the massification of laptops. The best laptops for 2022 came with powerful features that we could have only dreamed of in the late 90s, and they are far from rare these days. 

Another factor was internet access. It has become a necessity, and internet service providers invest great money in infrastructure to bring their services to all corners of the country.

So, now that you are all set for working from home, in this article, we will give you some pointers and tips to boost your productivity and find the best working version of yourself while doing it from home. 

Find a good chair 

While most people invest in desks, monitors, keyboards, and even coffee makers, they forget the essential thing in an office (besides yourself) is the chair. A good chair will keep your focus, and you will notice the difference at the end of the day. Besides, back pain is accumulative; your pain will become unbearable without knowing how you got to that point in the first place. 

Besides, good chairs, although expensive, you will be saving money in the long run.

We suggest that your chair be packed with lumbar support and a headrest. There are options with mesh or upholstered, and that is more of a personal choice, but the key is to feel comfortable during the whole day of work. 

Internet Security 

When you work from your office, you are usually behind a good firewall paid and maintained by the company (depending on how big the company is). They may have restricted profiles on their computers to avoid visiting shady websites. 

Now, when working from home, you are on your own. If you are on Mac, you don’t need to worry too much about viruses as you would under a Windows operating system. 

Now, when it comes to phishing and scams, it’s an entirely different story.  You can follow these three tips on how to increase safety in your online activities which is a good start. 

Another good option, since you may be on a company computer, is to get an excellent VPN to avoid being tracked and protect your internet privacy. This may not work for all companies, and you should discuss the subject with your IT person. 

Take breaks

When working from home, taking breaks is even more important than working at the office. You may be caught up with work when you can’t focus anymore, and you stop being productive. 

A good option is to put a timer or an alarm every hour. So, every 60 minutes, you can get up and make some coffee, take a 10-minute walk alone or with your pet, or disconnect from playing online games. For example, going on websites like Jackpot City and playing a quick burst of your favourite games, like online slots, roulette, video poker or even, if you wish, you can play with a live dealer. Since you can play with your phone, tablet or PC, you can visit the site any time, play a few spins and pay quickly with your credit card, PayPal or Cryptocurrency to return to your duties faster. Breaks will help you stay focused and productive during the day.

Stay focus

This goes in handy with our previous suggestion of taking breaks. 

While working from home, it’s easier to lose focus, unfortunately. If you have kids, try to be very productive while at school and advise them of the difficult work while they are away and take care of the easy stuff when they are back. 

Also, you may hide all distracting things from you, like gaming consoles, or even better, find a room specifically for working and don’t leave anything distracting there. 


Working from home is excellent if you have the right mindset. While there’s always the fun factor of going to the office and hanging out with your co-workers, the home office offers undeniable advantages. You don’t have to commute to work and avoid the rush hour traffic, for starters. Also, the home office will significantly improve your eating habits. Instead of eating whatever you can find or leftovers, you can take a few minutes to cook a healthy meal. 

It seems like the home office is here to stay, and it’s a perfect option for those who are focused enough to work under minimal supervision. 

It’s also an excellent way for employers to save money by getting small working spaces or even no working areas. Utility expenses may go down since fewer people are using electricity and office supplies. 

A new working era is beginning, and we are ready to embrace it! 

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