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OpenAI to Launch GPT Store for AI Enthusiasts Next Week

OpenAI to Launch GPT Store for AI Enthusiasts Next Week

The use of artificial intelligence is increasing day by day. Today, artificial intelligence (AI) technologies may be found in almost every business industry. 


Moreover, IT enthusiasts, Hold onto your hard drives — A revolution is coming. OpenAI, a well-known research center exploring artificial intelligence’s boundaries, will launch its first online store next week.


The original plan was to open the first GPT shop in December 2023. But in a recent interview, OpenAI CEO Sam Altman said that the store’s launch was postponed until early 2024 to allow additional time for content screening and infrastructure scalability.


 Altman declared on Twitter that the store would open before the end of January. Several reports have confirmed that the store will open next week in January.


 Through the GPT store, OpenAI wants to make it accessible for third-party developers to use language models—like ChatGPT and GPT-3—so they can create customized AI apps through the GPT store.


 Also, to benefit customers with different usage levels, the GPT Store will provide free and paid tiers. This tiered structure perks developers, from enthusiasts to giant businesses, and promotes innovation and broad adoption in AI application development.


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