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New Features in iOS 17 and iOS 18 Expected in Near Future

New Features in iOS 17 and iOS 18 Expected in Near Future

iOS 18 is still away, but some new features are still pending in iOS 17. In this blog, we will cover some of the rumoured features of iOS 17 and iOS 18 that are expected shortly or, to be exact, in 2024.

Some of the features mentioned in this blog that could be added to the upcoming version of iOS are next-generation CarPlay, roadside assistance via satellite outside the USA, app sideloading in the European Union and generative AI for Siri.

Next Generation CarPlay:

Last year, in June 2022, apple hinted at some advanced features of next-generation CarPlay, such as A/C control, F.M. radio, multiple displays on a single screen and personalization. The first vehicle with the next-generation CarPlay will be announced later in 2023, revealed by Apple on its official website.

Roadside Assistance via Satellite Outside U.S.:

Apple added satellite-based roadside assistance in iPhone 14 and iPhone 15 models, currently limited to U.S. users only. Apple is working on the new update. This will allow users outside the USA to contact roadside assistance company AAA when they are out of reach of cellular and WiFi coverage.

Generative A.I. for Siri:

As we are in the era of artificial intelligence, the upcoming iOS 18 could feature a complete range of AI technology that will take Siri and the Messages app to the next level. According to Mark Gurman, Apple also adds generative AI to other apps such as Apple Music, Keynote, and Xcode.

App Sideloading in Europen Union:

To comply with the E.U. Digital Markets Act, Apple is preparing to allow app sideloading on iPhones. It will enable users only in the E.U. to install apps outside the official Apple app store from third-party marketplaces. This feature could be added to iOS 17 in the next update.

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