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TheNeurosphere Presented its Platform for Teaching Artificial Intelligence

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TheNeurosphere announced the creation of SYPWAI, their first service that will be the foundation of the future AI platform. At the moment, testing is being carried out internally.

The service will have user identification. It is enough to upload the necessary information and documents once, in order to participate in the development of AI, train the neural network, instantly transmit the results to partner services, and also use their services on the SYPWAI platform or on the sites of the main services.

The SYPWAI platform will be launched at the end of 2020.

For the first time, the company announced plans to create an SYPWAI AI platform in January 2016. The Neurosphere strives to attract investors to this project.

TheNeurosphere employees describe their development as follows: “This is a whole new economy, which is filled with goods and services, and is driven by artificial intelligence”. The SYPWAI platform will have everything – from the sale of goods and services to the original content and a variety of services.

According to the plans of the developers, already at the launch of the service, the services of several partners will be available on it.

The Neurosphere does not disclose who exactly it is negotiating with. It is known that LifeASAPA, an international scientific organization engaged in the development of AI, already has access to the technology. The company is exploring the possibilities of collaboration with TheNeurosphere after the launch of the service.

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