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investing in cryptocurrency
investing in cryptocurrency

There appears to be no end to the unfolding drama surrounding Bitcoin and the myriad of other imitators and competitors in the $2.22 trillion global crypto tokens market. Although a minority of Americans have direct experience with it, this is nonetheless the case. In 2020, only a tiny fraction of the population in the United States and other wealthy, powerful, industrialized nations will own or use cryptocurrencies. But its global popularity is growing at an astounding rate.

Let’s look at the nations whose citizens are leading the road toward the mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies.

The bitcoin markets in these nations are expanding.

It is common knowledge that the popularity of cryptocurrencies is on the rise. To coincide with the widespread transition to digital methods in all aspects of life and work, we anticipate a similar surge in the use of digital currency for commerce. Despite the general acceptance of countries that have adopted bitcoin, some have banned its trading, such as China.

The battle to legalize cryptocurrencies is not likely to have a rapid resolution. Despite the widespread optimism of nations towards cryptocurrencies, such as India’s, market regulation continues to be a primary issue. Where can I get a list of nations that recognize cryptocurrency? Let’s have a look at the leading cryptocurrency markets throughout the world.

  • Japan

Regarding trading cryptocurrencies, Japan is widely regarded as Asia’s primary center. Japan has a long history of being a technology leader. Because of this, Japan is much ahead of the curve when it comes to trading and bitcoin. It did, however, announce the Payment Services Act to regulate cryptocurrency transactions and exchanges.

  • The United States

The United States has joined the ranks of countries that accept bitcoin, following in the footsteps of Japan. Companies like Mastercard and the Bank of New York Mellon have contributed to this widespread adoption by facilitating customer transactions denominated in particular cryptocurrencies. Certainly, Elon Musk’s move to allow Bitcoin payments at Tesla

must be mentioned. Due to the adverse effects of Bitcoin mining on the environment, however, he has suddenly changed his mind. Many retailers accept Bitcoin as payment, including Subway, Microsoft, etc.

  • Nigeria

The World Economic Forum cites a Statista Global Consumer Survey, which finds that Nigeria is among the top five countries in terms of bitcoin usage. The exorbitant cost of international money transfers is a major factor driving the widespread use of bitcoin. As a result, Nigerians are adopting cryptocurrency for its ease of usage.

  • Germany

It’s no secret that Germany is at the forefront of developing innovative blockchain solutions and is among the countries that accept cryptocurrency. Bitcoin is now utterly legitimate in this country. There is little doubt that Germany’s openness to cryptocurrency is a driving force behind the worldwide market’s appreciation of coins.

  • Canada

Canada is next on the list of nations that recognize cryptocurrency. However, money laundering with bitcoin is illegal in the United States. Bitcoin exchanges are recognized as legal entities in this country.

  • Philippines

It may be a surprise to learn that this nation is included among those using cryptocurrencies. The Philippines ranked second only to Vietnam in the same survey that found Nigeria to be one of the top countries using cryptocurrencies the most. Cryptocurrency exchanges may operate as money transfer services, according to approval from the Philippine Central Bank.

  • Australia

Australia is often cited as an example of a country that has successfully adopted cryptocurrency. In this jurisdiction, bitcoin trading is permitted by law. Did you know the government has said that Bitcoin would be treated as property and subject to capital gains tax?

  • Peru

In recent years, the number of people using cryptocurrencies in Peru has grown significantly. According to the Statista Global Consumer Survey, this happens in several nations, including Argentina, Chile, Brazil, etc.

  • Singapore

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies can be used freely in Singapore. However, the government does not step in to control prices. There are some situations where using bitcoin is taxed.


Cryptocurrencies have undeniably entered the mainstream, filling several traditional monetary functions. It might be difficult to select a trading platform that seems safe and profitable with the abundance of possibilities accessible. To make the most informed choice possible, you should go with the La Aplicacion official.

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