Popular Retailers That Are Now Taking Bitcoins as Payment

Cryptocurrency Investment Courses Benefits
Cryptocurrency Investment Courses Benefits

It’s no secret that Bitcoin investment has quickly become one of the most cutting-edge payment methods available. Instead of relying solely on fiat currencies, as was the case for many years, businesses are now exploring ways to include cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin into their payment system. Merchants who don’t accept cryptocurrency payments today miss out on the 0.5% to 1% transaction charge discount. Users can sidestep the fees associated with sending and receiving money this way.

These are some of the most well-known businesses or retailers that accepts bitcoin: 

  • Microsoft

Microsoft is one of the first major retailers to start accepting bitcoin. Since 2014, customers can buy from the American firm’s online store using Bitcoin. Although Bitcoin payments were temporarily disabled due to price fluctuations, customers have been able to use them to buy everything from Windows 10 licenses to games and apps in the Windows and Xbox shops. It seems ahead in embracing new methods that improve the user experience during financial dealings.

  • Overstock

Overstock, one of the largest and oldest e-commerce sites, began accepting Bitcoin payments for its products as early as 2014. Overstock accepts Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, Monaro, and Bitcoin Cash, among others, as payment methods. As the company is clearly in it for the long haul, they not only store their crypto earnings but also want to begin working on blockchain technology, making their Bitcoin acceptance more than just a marketing ploy to draw clients. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are accepted as apparel and other necessities payment methods.

  • Namecheap

Most of the best domain name marketplaces now accept Bitcoin as payment for domain name purchases and other site-wide transactions. Namecheap’s optimistic view of bitcoin and willingness to aid the struggle for freedom and education have made it a favorite among crypto community members.

  • KFC

For a limited time, Canadian locations of the American fast-food giant Kentucky Fried Chicken accepted Bitcoin as payment. With the launch of “The Bitcoin Bucket” marketing campaign, KFC Canada began accepting Bitcoin as a means of getting payments through the Bit Pay service. Envision can use Bitcoin to buy fast food like fried chicken, alcoholic beverages, and burgers. That’s the chance KFC’s given their patrons.

  • Twitch

Twitch, another digital company, now lets users pay with Bitcoin for its popular game streaming platform. Although Amazon-owned Twitch temporarily disabled Bitcoin payments in March 2019, the option was secretly restored in June of the same year. The subscription payment page now accepts Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash as payment alternatives.

  • Wikipedia

Wikipedia, the free and open-source online encyclopaedia, is another merchant that will accept cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin is a valid form of payment for contributions to online encyclopaedia. Bit Pay processes the Bitcoin contributions to Wikipedia.

  • AT&T

Earlier this year, AT&T announced that starting in 2019, users could pay their monthly cell bills with Bitcoin. In this case, Bit Pay would act as the payment collector on behalf of the mobile carrier. The corporation is still the first large store (cell carrier) to accept Bitcoin as payment in the United States.

  • Tesla

In 2013, Tesla made headlines when a California dealership agreed to sell a Tesla S for 91.4 Bitcoins, or about $103,000. In addition to bringing the company’s acceptance of Bitcoin as payment into the spotlight, this revelation generated great publicity for the electric vehicle manufacturer. It has always been the automaker’s preference that payments be made via the Internet rather than at a brick-and-mortar showroom.

  • BMW

Bitcoin is accepted by a growing number of luxury car sellers in the United Kingdom and the United States. Users that prefer to remain anonymous when making large purchases like vehicles, jewelry, etc., seem to favor Bitcoin as their preferred payment option. That’s why all the dealer outlets have agreed to use Bitcoin as a legitimate payment.

  • Burger King

Burger King was one of the first fast food chains to accept Bitcoin as payment for its burgers and other products. Another restaurant that makes it simple for consumers to pay for the delectable food they purchase is this one.


To assist you in executing the most profitable cryptocurrency trades, Bitcoin Era employs several sophisticated algorithms. As was to be expected, this is a relatively small subset of merchants and online shops who accept Bitcoin as payment. 

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