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100+ Best Official Kodi Addons


List of Best Official Kodi Addons

When you install Kodi for the first time, you may face various addons builtin in the Kodi interface. These built-in addons called official addons. Official means that there is no third party involved in the development of such addons and only the Kodi team is behind this. A great feature of Kodi is that it offers you multiple flavors for free in the form of some built-in and third-party Kodi addons.

There are two types of addons available for Kodi users i.e. official Kodi addon and third-party addons. Third party addons are those developed by other developers like UKodi1, Supremacy etc.

Here it is important to give you knowledge about these two types of addons. Third party addons or addons not developed by the official team of Kodi are normally used to access the restricted and unlicensed content on the web. In this way, we can say that these addons are somehow not legal to use in most countries including yours and mine.

Another drawback of these addons is internet privacy and security. Most of these addons stream third party websites that might be harmful to your mobile or desktop. But the good news about these addons, is that you can get easy access to the content of any country you want.

Official Kodi addons on the hand are not famous enough, but we always recommend our readers to adopt official addons instead of going to use third party illegal addons. Here in this article, we are going to show you a list only of those addons which are legal and are available on the Kodi official website.

Please note that you should use Kodi only for accessing legal and authorized content. Kodi was not developed for piracy.

Updated and Working List of Top Official Kodi Addons

If you are looking for the official addons over Kodi then you are at the right place. Below is the list of selected Official Kodi addons from the, hopefully, these will be enough if you are looking for your favorite addon from the Kodi repository. All the addons are properly categorized so you will not face any type of issue regarding selection and downloading. Enjoy more than 200+ official addons from

Top Weather Addons for Kodi [Official Kodi Addons for Weather]

There are plenty of Kodi addons that shows you weather information right on your screen. The good news is that most of these addons are from the official Kodi repo so the use is also 100% legal. With the help of official weather addons for Kodi, you can explore hourly, daily and monthly weather information on your screen. 
Here is the list of some working weather addons for Kodi that will be enough if your search was for such addons. Click on the image to see the complete details and the source file of any addon you want to view and install. 


Met Office

OpenWeatherMap Extended

Oz Weather

Weather China

Yahoo! Weather

Best Subtitles Official Addons for Kodi

Kodi is a great source of entertainment these days. You can find and watch foreign and local videos including movies, TV shows, documentaries etc. For foreign movies especially when these are not in the English or in any other language of your choice, then you really need subtitles to be there. 
Unlike other streaming platforms like Netflix and Hulu, in Kodi there is a builtin functionality of showing subtitles. However, in some cases, you might need third party addons to show subtitles based on your preference.
Here in this section, we have listed few of the best official addons for displaying subtitles below any movie or show. So if you are looking for how to get Kodi subtitles using official addons, then install any from this list.




Best Working Kodi Official Addons for Scripts 2019 [Official Kodi Scripts Addons]

Official Scripts Addons for Kodi allows you to play with scripts on your Kodi device. For example, send a WOL magic packet to any device using the MAC address of your device and show a notification if the device is available in the specific range. You can run a script to set the addon to update the video or automatically update the library after a successful wake-up. You can set delays and many other tasks like this.

100FM Radius Digital

Ace extrapack

Advanced Wake On Lan

Aeon MQ 5 extrapack

Aeon MQ 6 extrapack

Artist Slideshow

Artist Slideshow Helper

Artwork Downloader

Artwork Organizer

Audio Profiles



cdART Manager


Cinema Experience


colorbox Script


Top Music Addons for Kodi [Official Kodi Addons for Music and Songs]

If you are here in this section of this blog, then there are high chances that you a die hard fan of music. Here is the list of some best Kodi official addons that are just the perfect to satisfy your taste in music.

Below is the list of some visible Kodi addons from the official repository that might be helpful and catchy for your music needs over Kodi.

Calm Radio


CBC Radio


Danish Netradio

Dbmc (Dropbox add-on)

DeeJay reloaded

Digitally Imported Podcasts


EITB Nahieran (unofficial)


Euskarazko irratiak

Best Addons for Services [Kodi Official Services Addons]

There are various services addons from the official Kodi repostiry available on that can be installed without any legal issues.

Here is the list of best Addons for Services from Kodi official Repo. Please have a look and enjoy Koding with us.


KN Switchtimer Service

Kodi Boblight

Kodi Callbacks

Kodi Screen Reader Scrobbler

Mail Notifier

MCUphone PiP

MPRIS D-Bus interface



Next Episode (

Updated Videos Addons for Kodi [Official Kodi Addons for Videos]

Videos are of differnet types and you can find the best video addons from Kodi official world that can be used for free. We recommend you to use official videos addons in order to avoid any kind of legal notice from any third party.

3B Meteo

3sat Mediathek

4Players Videos



ABC Family



Aktualne TV

Al Jazeera

Alpe d’HuZes

AMA Pro Racing


Anime on Demand


Anvia Watson

Best New Program Addons for Kodi [Official Kodi Program Addons]

Here is the list of best Program addons for Kodi from the Kodi offical repository. Have a look on the list prepared by us and enjoy your favorite programs for free in a legal way.

Ace extrapack

Advanced MAME Launcher

Aeon MQ 5 extrapack

Aeon MQ 6 extrapack

aMule control

Anime Fanartsaver

Artist Slideshow

Artist Slideshow Helper

Artwork Downloader

Artwork Organize



colorbox Script


CouchPotato Manager

CPU Benchmark

Dbmc (Dropbox add-on)

Digi Storage Player

Best Picture Addons for Kodi [Picture Addons from Official Repo of Kodi]

List of best Kodi official addons to view, store, download and browse your favorite photos right on your Kodi device. These are the top rated official addons for Pictures and Photos from the Kodi repository.


Banca Sapo

Break Pictures


Cheezburger Network

Cooking with Kodi

Cyanide & Happiness

Daily Dilbert

Dbmc (Dropbox add-on)



Facebook Media




Google Drive


Jyllands-Posten foto

Last.FM – SlideShow



PCloud Video Streaming

Photo App

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