Top Colleges for Programmers in 2021

Top Colleges for Programmers

The number of people who are seeking to obtain a computer programming degree is increasing tremendously these days, just like the IT job market does. It is hard to imagine any company that doesn’t have a skilled IT guy on board, and this is where the alma mater can help a candidate to get recruited. This is a custom picked list of the best schools in the world that you should consider to apply and invest in your future career. 

Best Colleges for Computer Programmers in the USA

Below is the list of top universities for computer programmers in the USA. Have a look at our selected list to explore the list. 

Top IT Universities of the East Coast

If you are dreaming of living an American student life and don’t like palm trees, then the Atlantic Ocean shore is the right place to go.


Once graduating from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, one can become not only a highly qualified programmer to provide outstanding IT service and support but also start a custom dissertation service as a side project. Why? Writing a dissertation and then publishing it under MIT Press label means that you will have access to the best resource center, including a library, research catalog, hard- and software. Plus, it’s close to the Harvard campus where you can meet other geeks to create a mastermind of His Highness the Code. 

-Princeton University

Another reputable educational establishment among the best colleges for computer programmers, especially if you are looking for Ph.D. or M.S.E. programs. It offers several majors and allows one to choose the right direction as well as start working on the dissertations during one’s first year.

Besides, this university is known for the interdisciplinary programs that engage the best minds from different disciplines (neuroscience, linguistics, cognitive psychology, etc) to research the issues that concern both fields. 

Top Programmers Schools in California

There is no way to get around California when talking about technologies in terms of workplace giants and the universities that are known for providing exceptional educational services. 

-Stanford University

#1 that comes to mind if you think of “programming” and “university”. With a solid research center of the Computer Science (CS) Department that is available for the best student from any university, this is a go-to option for the seekers of a doctoral degree or those who want to participate in the research work. Also, it has a lively campus life which is a great opportunity to meet the likeminded ones and create one’s own version of the cyberspace. 

-University of California-Berkeley 

If your interest is Data Science and Cybersecurity, this is the place to study it. The school has the department that specializes in AI and machine learning in case you want to bring the future closer. In addition, it has campuses in San Diego and LA so you can choose what suits you best.

What’s in Europe?

Apart from Oxbridge that provides the top-notch programming education, there are a few other places worth your attention.

-ETH Zurich  

21 Nobel Prize laureates graduated from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Department of Computer Science, and it should illustrate the scale of this institute in the IT world.

While studying at this prestigious school, you can enjoy the perks of the great resource base, excellent facilities, and those of being a student in Europe (discounts on flights, activities, shopping). This institute offers free MOOCs on various online platforms so you have a great chance to have an insider’s view on what can await you. 

-Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (France) 

The blending place of research, innovations, and education that cooperates with many Informational Technologies centers throughout the world. It offers Bachelor, Master, Doctoral, and Continuing education options, so there are a lot of choices for the applicant.

It is famous for the cross-disciplinary approach towards CS and hosts a lot of IT-related competitions. This summer, for example, the finals of SpaceX pod competition took place where rocket science and the best engineers worked together with the CS students to create the hyperloop pod and test it in a vacuum tube. Needless to say who will attend the race but his first name is Elon and the last name is Musk. 


There are plenty of schools that offer degrees in CS and programming, and those mentioned above are just a few. When applying for a degree, one has to take a lot of factors into consideration, like major, cost, location, school’s reputation, etc. However, the most important is to see what suits your ideas, research ambitions, and final goal. 

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