How Technology is Transforming the Automobile Industry?

How technology is transforming Automobile industry

The automobile industry has embraced emerging technologies since always. It has affected the ways to manufacture cars, their maintenance and operation, and much more. Modern technology is proposing new ways to make cars more safe and easy to maintain. Although, the cars still have a steering wheel and basic 4 wheels. But still, technology has transformed the automobile industry and you will witness many more changes in the upcoming years. 

We do not have flying cars yet but many developed countries like the USA and UAE are testing self-driving cars. The police departments are so in if we talk about testing self-driving cars. New technologies are also working on manufacturing cars that are friendly for the environment and consume less fuel. The future has a lot more to bring for the automotive industry. 

Here’s how technology is benefiting vehicle manufacturing and the environment. 

Introducing electric cars 

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Technology has introduced electric cars as they are more environment-friendly because they don’t consume gasoline or petrol. Fuel-powered automobiles have negative effects on the environment. Nissan: the famous automobiles brand study reveals that 90% of EV charging stations are increased by 2020.  

Along with environmental friendliness, electric cars are also providing economical solutions to consumers. People can’t travel around much with high petrol costs. The battery prices will drop in the near future and automobile technology offers cheaper and eco-friendly options to transform the whole industry. 

Introducing the IoT concept in the Automotive industry

The concept of the internet of things is dominating many industries now and many of us have become accustomed to the idea. It is because it is trying to make our life easy. Imagine waking up early in the morning and before you are done with your morning routine, the hot cup of coffee is ready for you?

This idea is amazing to shape our everyday life. For now, the automobile industry is going to adopt usage-based insurance, in-vehicle health monitoring, and electronic logging device concept for IoT. 

With these IoT technologies, the vehicles will connect to the cloud to share big data. Devices installed inside the vehicles can collect information on driving time to make sure about the distance, vehicle type, and driver behavior. These technologies will also be used to make sure if the drivers are complying with law and rules.

The biometric system installed with the help of IoT will help to make sure about the health of drivers. It might be ready by 2025 where technologies can monitor fatigue, heart rates, etc. It will not only bring ease to the life of drivers but also help to reduce accidents ratio. These devices can be easily handled by using voice control. 

Camera technology

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Camera technology has all changed and they are one of the most important features in automobiles. Nowadays, the cameras used in the vehicles are small yet powerful to cover each and everything. These cameras are installed on the different parts of the vehicle including the dashboards, lights, doors, backside, and other areas you want. You can see the surrounding results on one screen. Back area cameras are really helpful to reverse your car or park it without harming your car. 

Augmented reality dashboard technology

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We can’t ignore the use of augmented reality as far as the digital technologies for automobiles are concerned. This technology allows you to transform your windshield and customize it however you want. It will display all the information you set, on the HUD.

Like, if you want to check gas mileage, speed limit, current temperature, just set it on the dashboard and you can check it on your screen. The holographic technology will also allow the drivers to navigate easily without taking their eyes off the road. 

Sensor technology

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Sensor technology works by sensing the motion. This technology is combined with automobiles cameras so that drivers can park their vehicles safely without causing damage to their vehicle or surrounding objects. Parking sensors are popular but there are many other sensors as well that are used in modern cars. Some of the other sensors are speedometer, manifold absolute pressure, throttle position sensor, etc. 

Introducing self-driving systems

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Self-driving cars have also revolutionized the automobile industry by eliminating the need for human drivers behind the steering wheel. Some automobile manufacturers like Audi have already introduced the cruise control system that effectively implements that feature. It uses 30 different sensors that are installed all over the vehicle to provide information about the surroundings of the vehicle. 

This intelligent system works to detect the speed of the car that is traveling ahead of you. The speed measure will help it to adjust the speed of your car from 0 to 155 miles per hour. The 2 radars in front of the system will help to control the system to maneuver the automobile. These technologies work together to protect both the driver and the car. 

Improving safety 

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Modern digital technology is all set to provide security to the cars as well as drivers. The use of small cameras on the automobiles allows the drivers to check their surroundings to find the objects that are usually invisible from the driving seat.

There are also tire pressure sensors, collision control sensors, and lane change sensors that alert you and help to prevent road accidents. According to the study, the sensors will reduce accidents by 70 percent after they are installed in most vehicles. The anti-lock braking system and traction control technologies will help users to stay in control while driving. 

Final thoughts

Technology is changing the whole automobile industry faster than expected. The shortage of drivers, fuel prices along with many other factors are putting pressure on automobile manufacturers to innovate the industry and it can only be done by modern technology. The convergence of demands will revolutionize the industry in the next decade.

You will be able to enjoy the safe rides with Wi-Fi and much more. The emergence of technology will also boost sales and customer satisfaction. In case you are looking for rental cars in Dubai, we recommend RentalcarsUAE as they are offering best quality services at the most reasonable prices. Hire a car on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis according to your trip duration.

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