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If you doubt the fidelity of your wife, you need to do something about the suspicion. If you decide to let it slide and pretend that the doubt is not there, it may eat you up. It’s best to confront the issue head-on and find the best solution to it.

Of course, we’re not saying you should confront your wife right away. You need to first get the proof of her cheating. With this, you can take the necessary steps to save your marriage. So how can you find the necessary proof? Read her text messages.

The great thing is that you don’t need to touch her phone to access her text messages. In this post, we’ll share the best 5 ways to see your wife’s text messages without her phone.

#1: Minspy – Text Message Secret Reader

You can’t alert your wife about looking for proof. You need to be discreet about everything. This is why you need Minspy to do the job for you. Minspy is a reliable and effective spy app that lets you read your wife’s text messages secretly.

It’s the most discreet spy app we’ve ever seen. Of course, millions of satisfied users cannot be wrong about the choice. Yes, you read right! Minspy has millions of users across the globe.

Not only that, but it has also been given positive reviews by reputable tech websites. They include Forbes, CNET, Android Authority, TechRadar, and others. Minspy works in stealth mode and it’s compatible with Android and iOS devices.

The iOS version doesn’t need you to install an app on your target device. This means that if your target uses an iPhone or iPad, you don’t have to touch the phone. You will activate the app remotely on the device.

However, the Android version requires a tiny installation of a 2MB spyware. It takes a few minutes to download and install, so it’s impossible to get caught while at it. The best part about using the app to read text messages on Android is that you also do it remotely.

The only time you need to touch the Android device is when you want to install the app. After this, you won’t need to ever touch the phone again. You’ll start to read your wife’s text messages remotely and secretly. Learn more about the app on the official website.

How does Minspy Work to read Wife’s Text Messages?

The first step to get Minspy to read your wife’s text messages is to create a free account at the Minspy official website. If your wife uses an Android device, you need to have the phone with you.

You can do the installation while she’s asleep at night. You need only 2 minutes to install the app, so you shouldn’t experience any issue. Let’s look at the steps involved in installing the app on your target device.

Step 1: Create a Minspy account and subscribe to a suitable package.

Step 2: Select the OS of the device. If it’s Android, select Android, and if it’s an iPhone or iPad, select iOS. Pay for the subscription package and wait for the confirmation.

Step 3: Follow the simple setup instructions sent to your email. For an Android device, you will be asked to install the app on the target device. You can hide the app after installing it to make it invisible.

The iOS version on the other hand requires that you type in the iCloud username and password when prompted. Wait for the app to verify the credential.

Step 4: When the ‘Start’ button is highlighted, it means you’re almost done. Click the button to finish the configuration. When you click the ‘Start’ button, you will also be redirected to your Minspy dashboard.

Check the left-hand side of the control panel to locate the ‘Text Message’ tab. Click on it to start reading your wife’s text messages. You’ll be able to view the incoming, outgoing, and deleted messages on your wife device through your dashboard.

#2: NeatSpy: The Smart Text Messages Reader

NeatSpy is another ingenious spy app that lets you read your wife’s text messages without getting caught. It’s indeed a smart text message reader with all its amazing features. You can use the app to spy your wife’s iPhone or Android device.

If your wife uses both devices, you can also choose to monitor the text messages on the two. With NeatSpy, you don’t have to also worry about rooting or jailbreaking the device.

It uses advanced technology to make phone monitoring possible without going to the extreme of rooting or jailbreaking. The app works in stealth mode and doesn’t drain the target device’s battery.

If your wife uses an iPhone, you don’t have to worry about this though. This is because you won’t need to install an app on the device. Although the Android version requires that you install an app, it works in the background. This makes it impossible to be detected.

#3: Spyier – A Reputable Phone Monitoring Solutions

If you want to catch a cheating wife, Spyier is a reliable spy app that will help you do that. It discreetly transmits data from your wife’s device to your dashboard. You don’t have to physically touch her phone to see her phone activities.

If she uses an iPhone, you don’t have to even touch the device to install an app. All you need is her iCloud account credentials. Of course, that’s easy to get from her. When you activate the software using her iCloud details, you’ll be able to read her text messages remotely.

Spyier is also compatible with Android OS 4 and higher. When you install the app on your wife’s phone, it starts to work in the background. Even if she searches her phone, your wife won’t find the app on her device.

#4: Spyine – Extraordinary Spy App

Like the other aforementioned apps, Spyine is more than a text message reader. The app is highly effective in spying the phone activities of your target device remotely. If you’re looking for a reliable spy app to track the text messages of your wife, Spyine is a top choice.

The app is safe and secure, thanks to its military-grade encryption that protects users’ data. You can use the app to monitor both iPhone and Android devices. The great part is that you don’t need to jailbreak or root the device.

When activated, it allows you to read your wife’s text messages discreetly without touching her phone. It also gives you access to other activities on her device, such as her social media activities and GPS location.

#5: Spyic – Phone Monitoring Solution you can Trust

Spyic is one of the safest and most secure spyware available in the market. The app works without leaving a trail behind. When you use the app to monitor the text messages of your wife, your data is safe. You also don’t have to worry that her data will get compromised.

The app works well with both Android and iOS devices. With this app, you can access more than your wife’s text messages. Spyic lets you view other phone activities, including her call logs, web browser history, social media apps, and more.


These are five top ways you can read your wife’s text messages remotely. Each of these apps is more than a text message reader. They offer more features to enable you to get the proof you need about the cheating status of your wife.

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