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How a Non Geographic 0333 Number Can Increase Your Revenue?

How a Non Geographic 0333 Number Can Increase Your Revenue

0333 numbers are one of the most popular additions to the cNumber business line arsenal. It is simply a non-geographic version of a standard landline number, such as an 01 or 02 line. Its main purpose is basically to ensure consumer confidence.

It does so by making sure callers are aware of the charges when calling a business number that wasn’t targeted to a local region. Traditionally, popular alternatives like free phone 0800 numbers would incur fees if called from mobile. 

Because of this, 0333 lines have been steadily rising in popularity. If curious, customers can read more at cNumber’s website.

So how do 0300 lines improve a business’s performance?

There are so many reasons why the online businesses as well as offline businesses need such numbers. There are lots of reasons behind it, but one fot the main is that these numbers give you the ability to create a national presence. Because such numbers don’t correspond to any given area, it can foster the perception that a business is a UK-wide company.

This can boost the credibility and trust of the company in the eyes of consumers. And, in turn, help to generate new business and additional revenue. Other ways include:

Low cost to call – The call won’t cost a caller a penny if they have inclusive minutes on their landline or mobile. If they don’t, it’s simply the exact same rate as a standard local call. Many brands are eager to keep costs down for their customers, especially when it comes to phone calls. 

With 0333 numbers, direct call costs are only incurred if the customer does not have an inclusive minutes package. In which case, charges can vary depending on the supplier. What is important to remember is that should a customer be charged to call an 0333, they’ll be charged for any landline call they make.

This means they have likely opted for this kind of telephone service and it is unlikely to impact how they choose to interact with the business. 

Handle more calls – Businesses can add several call handling features onto their memorable 0333 number. A personalized greeting message will make a firm sound more professional. Or they can add a queue so that they can manage more calls at once.

Flexible – Non-geographic numbers are flexible and ensure business continuity. Since they are not tied to any geographic area, a business does not need to change their number when they move offices. These numbers can also be used to connect with offices on multiple sites.

This can save time and money thus increasing revenue. Because the company does not need to change their telephone number on all of their literature.


Businesses will have to pay a fee for non-geographic numbers. Which will vary depending on the type of non-geographic number and any additional services that are included in the package? In this case, the best option cNumber suggests is 0333 numbers.

For further information, users can read more at cNumber.

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