The latest Google Maps update allows you to spy on your friends

Google Maps update
Google Maps update

As the hot summers show no signs of dissipating, Google Maps has come up with a few new features for those who prefer exploring outdoors.

New York, Tokyo, and Barcelona are just a few of the cities that now offer this function. How to access it? All you need to do is search for the landmark in question and scroll down until you find Photos—Google promises it’ll be there!

Google Maps has been updated with 3D aerial views of famous landmarks, as well as cycling routes that warn you about any potential dangers and obstacles you may encounter such as heavy traffic or stairways.

Finally, and perhaps most interestingly, Google Maps will soon be receiving some new updates in the form of social features. For those who are concerned about their personal privacy, Google has been quick to state that any person who decides to share their current location with one another will then receive constant updates at regular intervals – alerting them to what’s going on around them – with the ability for either party to quit being tracked at any time without consequence.

Whether you’re headed to London for Big Ben, biking through Brooklyn streets, or meeting up with friends at a concert hall, Google Maps has something to offer for your every activity.

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