Best Ways To Stop Spam From Hitting Your Inbox

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Email happens to be amongst the most convenient and easiest channels where information can be transferred and the data can be shared with others. Nevertheless, it is likewise not uncommon to receive emails containing dubious messages or malicious attachments. These types of dubious emails are filtered and marked by certain email service providers with the term “SPAM” in the email’s subject.

This term indicates to the recipient that it is either an unsolicited email or a junk message sent by the sender to innumerable recipients. In case the recipient clicks on the links in these types of messages, he might be directed to phishing sites that download malware to the computer of the victim.

It is hardly surprising that the majority of us have come across innumerable spam emails and below, we have mentioned 4 simple ways to stop spam while protecting yourself online.

1. Never post your email address openly

It is important to bear in mind that the Internet can be easily accessed by everybody. This implies that spammers are searching for available email addresses on the web constantly to which they will be sending junk. In case you post your email address openly, others will get the opportunity of sending spam messages to you, and your account can be hacked in case you are making use of a weak password.

2. Refrain from replying to spam messages

Nearly every spam message is a malicious email which has been sent by some unknown source. These sources might be hackers trying to hack into their victims’ computers. Do not respond to spam messages because this way spammers will check if email is real and will continue to target your account with new phishing emails trying to compromise your personal data.

3. Think before clicking

It is not uncommon for the automated email filter of your email service provider to mark legitimate messages as spam because of their content. However, on most occasions, messages that are redirected to your mailbox’s spam folder will be sent by spammers.

Usually, the subject of such messages consists of advertisements on new medications, offers of inexpensive prescription drugs, and so on. Make it a point to scrutinize the spam email’s content prior to opening any attachment or clicking the hyperlinks. Do not download any content which has been blocked by your email service provider in such emails as well.

4. Download antivirus software

Antivirus software and spam filtering tools will aid in scanning the emails received by you for malware. In case the messages contain any malware, the malicious content is going to be quarantined and you will not be able to open it. This will aid in alleviating the possibility of emails consisting of malware infecting your personal computer.

Consequently, make sure to select antivirus software and spam filtering tools for minimizing the chances of having your computer infected and your data being compromised.

You have come across quite a few ways of how to stop spam from getting into your inbox. However, the most significant thing will be to be careful while opening the emails. Make sure that the messages you open and reply to have come from trusted sources.

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