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Search engine optimization plays a vital role in running an online business. Higher visibility in Search, improved brand awareness, and more customers coming through organic Search – these can’t be achieved unless you find a reputable SEO company that can improve the quality and quantity of website traffic like a pro.

During the past few years, SEO has been evolving as new algorithms are being released to make the internet users’ experience convenient and enjoyable. As the importance of search engine optimization is growing, SEO companies have also been steadily increasing.

With so many options available, it’s normal to wonder…

How to pick and choose from the best SEO companies?

The easiest way to find the best SEO company is to check the following:

  • rating on Google, Clutch, and GoodFirms
  • the official website of an SEO company
  • reviews posted by past and present customers
  • case studies
  • LinkedIn profile

Once you gather the essential information, it will be easier for you to make the right decision. However, if you don’t have the time to do your research or if your knowledge of SEO isn’t broad enough to determine which SEO company is right for you – here is a solution.

Below, we’ve compiled a list of the best SEO companies headquartered in America and Europe. We handpicked those agencies, going through and analyzing the above qualities. We hope the list we created will help you choose the best SEO company for your business.

See our findings!

Best SEO Companies in Europe & USA

Pentra SEO Services

Pentra SEO Services is a Singapore-based top-performing SEO company with a track record of success.

The agency serves companies with rapid expansion in Singapore and Europe to increase income through organic search results. They create, implement, and optimize entire SEO and Social Media Marketing techniques for their clients, allowing them to improve not only traffic, but also their visibility, leadership in the field, and profits.

They recognize that your firm is unique and stands out from any other business worldwide. That is why their highly qualified professionals take the time to understand you and your brand. Therefore, they can develop SEO tactics that appeal to your intended demographic and ensure excellent results for your company.


Random review from Clutch (5.0/5.0 | 113 reviews): 

They’re proficient in managing tasks and quick to reach out when necessary.

Delante is a perfect match for e-commerce entrepreneurs needing a reputable SEO agency to handle everything connected with search engine marketing, content creation, and optimization. They offer extensive hands-on experience and provide ongoing SEO support combined with technical expertise that helps their clients’ websites appear at the top of the search listings. One of the best bits about Delante is that they create customized SEO plans for each client.

Funnel Boost Media

Random review from Clutch (5.0/5.0 | 38 reviews):

They were terrific to work with, responsive, and gave us anything we needed.

Funnel Boost Media implements effective SEO strategies to improve positioning and lead generation for its clients. Their SEO team is good at providing fast results, often leading to higher conventions and notable returns on investment. Thanks to being able to resolve issues quickly and thoughtfully, this SEO company helps its clients’ websites get the online exposure they need.

Logic Inbound

Random review from Clutch (5.0/5.0 | 36 reviews):

This team hit it out of the park and has been very quick and educated about their work.

Logic Inbound is recognized as an SEO company consisting of talented SEO professionals that help their clients improve their websites. They follow the best search engine practices to bring their clients’ brand keywords to the first search engine results page. They also offer web development support to promote their client’s businesses even better. Last but not least, Logic Inbound is known for being very communicative and punctual.

Sure Oak

Random review from Clutch (5.0/5.0 | 22 reviews):

We’re delighted with Sure Oak’s involvement because our growth has been evident.

Sure Oak is home to well-organized, attentive, and proactive SEO specialists. The team is communicative – they send emails regularly for project updates. They work together to help their clients rise in organic search listings and attract more potential customers. They also make sure the websites they do the search optimization for increase their domain authority by acquiring a series of quality backlinks. Sure Oak is dedicated to supporting startups in maximizing their online presence, driving organic traffic, and ultimately providing tailored startup SEO services that help them establish a strong foundation for growth and success in the digital landscape.

Front Page Advantage

Random review from Clutch (5.0/5.0 | 9 reviews):

Their knowledge is impressive — they always have the answer to any of my questions.

Front Page Advantage believes in a client-centric approach. That’s why they offer 30-day contracts instead of long ones that are hard to terminate. Furthermore, they deliver insightful reporting so customers can track the monthly position of the main keywords they wish to rank for. While devising a new SEO strategy for their clients, this SEO company focuses on three areas: technical SEO, content creation, and inbound links.

Minty Digital

Random review from Clutch (4.9/5.0 | 19 reviews):

Minty Digital stands out to us for its clarity over our demands and successful meeting them.

Minty Digital handles everything a website business owner may need: keyword research, location-specific campaigns, and even blog writing. Focusing mainly on small businesses, this agency promises to help with generating more leads, higher visibility, and more sales. The process of search engine optimization goes smoothly. The best bit is that the SEO team can be contacted via Slack to get some feedback on the progress.

SEO Berlino

Random review from Clutch (4.9/5.0 | 10 reviews):

Their in-depth knowledge and understanding of SEO and marketing stood out to us.

SEO Berlino helps its clients with search engine optimization, advertising, web design, and social media marketing. Serving mainly business owners that belong to the midmarket, this German SEO company does its best to improve organic search traffic, aid in website redesigns and rework website infrastructure. SEO Berlino is recognized as a very effective and highly professional European SEO company.

Bliss Drive

Random review from Clutch (4.9/5.0 | 29 reviews):

They produce tailor-made solutions that align with what we want and need.

Bliss Drive has many strengths, among which the most profound is the ability to deliver high-quality content. The blog posts and articles created in Bliss Drive aim to generate relevant backlinks for improved digital presence. As they focus on increasing their clients’ Google rankings, this California-based SEO company takes charge of everything related to search engine optimization.

Big Leap

Random review from Clutch (4.8/5.0 | 73 reviews):

They deliver exactly what we need and stay within our budget.

Big Leap combines the power of SEO and SEM to help their clients win top positions in SERP. They are very dedicated to their work and offer unmatched project management skills. Their page optimization efforts are said to significantly impact website rankings, which later translates into higher conversion rates. Big Leap is recognized as helpful and good at maintaining close relationships with its clients.

Pearl Lemon

Random review from Clutch (4.8/5.0 | 67 reviews):

They have good communication and never fail to update us.

Pearl Lemon provides digital marketing solutions for various brands. Their attempts to increase impressions and sales of their client’s websites are repeatedly successful. This SEO company is said to be detail-oriented and hardworking, which is desirable for those who demand a bit more from their business partners. Lastly, apart from essential SEO services, Pearl Lemon handles social media and content creation.

Best SEO companies: Summary

No matter the country you run your online business in, some excellent SEO companies are ready to help you mark your online presence. Their SEO-trained staff has its ways of instituting workable plans to improve their clients’ website rankings. Since most of them operate worldwide, don’t hesitate to contact an SEO company that you find interesting, even though it works on a different continent.

It’s worth realizing that most of the best SEO companies have offices scattered all over the world. Take Delante, for example. Apart from having headquarters in Poland, you can also find them in America, the United Kingdom, the United Arab Emirates, and Canada. Minty Dital’s headquarter is located in Spain, but they have more offices in the United Kingdom and America. Pear Lemon, in turn, has its main office in the United Kingdom, but you can also find them in America.

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