10 Mobile Games of All Time: A List of the Best

Best Mobile Games
Best Mobile Games

The popularity of mobile games is not surprising – the smartphone is always at hand, and it allows you to brighten the time waiting in line or on public transport. To succeed in today’s game race, you need many conditions, and one of them is accessibility. To play whenever and wherever you want, a gaming device must be convenient, available to most people, and customized for a popular platform. These requirements perfectly meet the smartphone.

The smartphone is in everyone’s pocket. At any time, the user can go to one of the sites with games, and download any favorite.

In many ways, this is what determines the popularity of mobile games. But the problem is that today on Google Play and the App Store you can find tens of thousands of games of different quality. How to choose the best? So that you don’t waste your time and money, we have selected for you the 10 best games of different genres.

The Best Mobile Games of All Time

Another great advantage of mobile games over PCs is that they do not require the player to prepare long – you took your phone out of your pocket and are already in the game – and game sessions are short and allow you to interrupt at any time. In addition, if you want to play on the big screen, modern technology will allow it: you only need to turn on the TV. Before choosing what to play,  consider mobile vs desktop gaming.

Previously, mobile games were limited to Tetris and simple puzzles, but today they are high-quality, large projects that steadily compete with computer counterparts. And what exactly can be played – you will learn from our top selection.

1. Marvel Future Revolution

Surprisingly high-quality mobile game in the Avengers universe, where you can be in the shoes of Iron Man, Captain America, Black Widow, Star-Lord, Dr Strange or even Spider-Man. The action Marvel Future Revolution game is set in two worlds: the real one and the mysterious Dark Dimension, well-known from the “Doctor Strange” movie. And the main villain is the big-headed freak M.O.D.O.K. from Marvel Comics.

2. Pascal’s Wager

An atmospheric Dark Souls-style adventure with very little inferiority. In the world of Pascal’s Wager, the sun has fallen into the ocean, creating darkness and eternal darkness. Out of the darkness came a multitude of monsters that, by the looks of them, used to be human. The main character, Terrence, searches all over the country for his missing wife. To do this, he visits various towns that have been overrun by the undead and searches for any hints of her location, along the way destroying the monsters with cold weapons.

3. Forgotten Memories

One of the few high-budget horror games on the mobile platform. The action unfolds in an abandoned mental hospital, where the protagonist who has lost her memory finds herself. Through the dark corridors to wander with constantly discharging flashlights. Sometimes on the way there will be living dummies, against which at first given only a rusty pipe. The atmosphere and gameplay are reminiscent of the first parts of Silent Hill and Resident Evil.

4. War Robots

Spectacular action in which you take control of a huge robot. You have a choice of 50 mechs with various weapons, and you can customize them all to suit your specific tactics. There are multiplayer and single-player modes. The game will suit both modern players and those who are nostalgic for the early parts of Mechwarrior.

5.  Minecraft

Mobile version of the well-known game, which allows you to explore the randomly generated worlds and build everything you can think of. The almost endless possibilities of crafting give you enormous freedom of action and allow you to express your creativity. Moreover, there are many games like Minecraft to play on Android.

6. Super Mario Run

The first official “Mario” on mobile platforms. The game can be described as a combination of runner and platformer, complemented by a couple of non-standard modes. In Toad Rally you will have to compete with users from all over the world, and in Kingdom Builder, you can collect various items and decorate your kingdom with them.

7. Left to Survive

Third-person shooter in which you need to destroy multitudes of hungry zombies. The game boasts a variety of gameplay situations: you will have to shoot the dead from the helicopter, rescue the survivors and participate in battles against living players. In addition, you will be engaged in setting up your base.

8. Call of Duty: Mobile

Full-fledged Call of Duty, with classic team battles, 100-player royal combat, sniper duels, battles against zombies and an international network of servers that has some geo restrictions for iPhone that you can use a free VPN for iPhone for getting access to them. The maps will be familiar to anyone who launched the first parts of Modern Warfare and Black Ops.

9. PUBG: New State (iOS, Android)

The sequel to PUBG Mobile, the events of which take place in the near future. From its predecessor, New State is a different arsenal, the presence of electric cars and interactive objects on the map like streetcars. The authors have also worked on the appearance of the shooter; the picture became brighter and more colorful, which does the game well. Another innovation – is the money that is sought on the level or near the killed enemy. You can buy medicine kits, a drone scout and other useful things with it.

10. Need for Speed No Limits

The immortal series from Electronic Arts continues with a new part of mind-blowing races! The world of fast speeds, incredible sports cars, and not always legal races, as a consequence of this need to get away from the chase police, who are also the guys who do not fail to chase. But most importantly – the usual immersion in a solid adrenaline waterfall!

One of the certainties of the game is the ability to gradually build the real car of your dreams. True, this will have to try very, very hard, winning in the various races. The developers have tried very hard and prepared a huge number of tracks so that everyone will find for themselves the road on which to race will be a pleasure!


Mobile games are a fun way to pass the time, and the phrase “free time is play time” is gaining popularity. Now that games of different genres and niches are available all over the Internet, everyone can enjoy a game that exactly fits their needs.

Another factor that contributes to the exciting nature of mobile games is that they are always available, which means that whenever players have free time, they can simply press a button and enjoy them.

Moreover, one of the features that contribute to addictive gameplay is the inclusion of virtual reality. All players need is a VR headset to immerse themselves in the world of virtual reality and enjoy the games like never before.

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