Mobile VS Desktop Gaming: 5 Things You should Know before Committing!

Mobile VS Desktop Gaming

We immediately think about consoles and desktop computers when we think about gaming. This is traditional gaming, and many would argue this is the only way gaming should occur; we beg to differ. With the introduction of mobile gaming, purists were freaked out (and many still are today) without understanding that it simply means an added device to enjoy your favourite game. There have also been countless disputes around the legitimacy of mobile games and if you could consider them an actual pastime. But whether or not you are team mobile or desktop, we’ve looked at what to consider before committing to either one.  

Which platform works for gamers?

At first, it seems like a P.C. is the way to go. It’s a no-brainer. In essence, both P.C. and mobile devices require different things and considerations. You must look at controls, graphics, user experience, user interface, and optimisation. Gamers choose P.C.s because they generally have much better performance and graphics. Playing a game like Apex on your P.C. will allow you much more leeway in terms of the overall gaming experience. You have a larger screen, and your computer processor is generally more powerful than a mobile device. 

On the other hand, mobile gaming is exceeding all expectations. It outsells both PCs and consoles by far, making it a leader in the gaming market, and you can game on the go. There is nothing quite like a hand-held device for the ease of convenience. Modern games are also almost always optimized for mobile devices, so you get practically the same experience as you do on a PC, minus a few visible differences like a massive screen. But even then, you can overcome this by casting from your mobile device to your TV. 


For desktop users, this is an important thing. Many gamers love to customize their PC setups, and there are some truly wild ones out there. It is easy to find a pink keyboard or a pink computer mouse. The one downside here is that computer accessories and parts are expensive – depending on what you want to buy. A high-end graphics card or a gaming chair can easily set you back thousands of dollars and, in some cases, hundreds of thousands of dollars – more so when you are building your PC from scratch

Mobile devices offer truly little in terms of customization. You can essentially only change your device’s cover, which is pretty much it. Also, you can’t build your mobile device from scratch. 

Gaming peripherals

This is a significant thing for PCs and is a true advantage. The desktop computer is the only gaming device that allows you to game as per your preference. That means that you do not have to stick to using a mouse and a keyboard; instead, you have multiple peripherals, such as wireless controllers, joysticks (not as popular today), and steering wheels! What’s more, you can also use virtual reality headsets. 

With mobile devices, it becomes a bit tricky. You always need your device to play a game, and the peripherals were never popular because often they would not work. For this reason, mobile devices are pretty limited. An example would be if you lose your device, you can’t play the game.  


Let’s just say that a computer beats a mobile device hand down. With PCs, you can buy extra storage in the form of a solid-state hard drive when needed – there is a lot of advice on the internet relating to SSDs and how they work. You can store large files and keep your life on your PC. You can also download and save your favourite games to play online and offline. 

Mobile devices, unfortunately, only come with the storage they have. And you are unable to buy extra storage like a solid-state hard drive. You can buy more cloud space, depending on the type of operating system your device has. 

Technology and upgrades

If we had to pick an all-out winner in this category, it must be mobile devices, especially cell phones. Mobile technology improves year on year, sometimes month on month. There is no denying that operators like Samsung, Apple, and Huawei have made it their mission to consistently improve their cell phone technologies. Here the consumer benefits quite a bit. Samsung released its first galaxy smartphone in 2009, and the technology in this series has improved 10-fold. We have larger, more responsive screens, more internal memory, high-quality cameras, and super-fast operating systems. And these are only the basics that will enhance annually. 

With desktop computers, it becomes a bit difficult for technology, not because there are no upgrades, but rather because it becomes quite expensive to make and buy. A computer is a long-term investment, and you need to consider that you will not always be able to upgrade. However, a PC offers longevity as you can keep it over a more extended period than a mobile device. 

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