Sony’s ‘pro-level’ DualSense Edge controller will cost over £200

sony DualSense Edge
sony DualSense Edge

Sony launched the DualSense Edge in August, its own pro-grade controller, to compete with Microsoft’s Xbox Elite Series gamepads. The controller and its functionality were exhibited at the time, but no pricing or release date was given. That has since changed, and the DualSense Edge will cost substantially more than the Xbox Elite Series 2.

The DualSense Edge will have customizable controls, letting users remap keys, disable buttons, and even alter the trigger’s dead zones and travel distance, as well as analog stick sensitivity and dead zones. Configurations may be stored in profiles and switched between fast. The controller also comes with interchangeable analog sticks, rear paddle buttons for extra inputs, a braided USB-C cable, and a carrying bag.

Many people chastised Microsoft for charging £120 for the Xbox Elite controller. At introduction, the Elite Series 2 controller was even more pricey, costing roughly £150. The DualSense Edge outperforms both of them, with a debut price of $199.99 in the United States and £209.99 in the United Kingdom.

The DualSense Edge will be available beginning January 26th.

KitGuru Says: The regular DualSense controller is already more expensive than previous-generation DualShock gamepads. The DualSense Edge takes things to the next level, costing more than three times as much as the regular model.

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