Microsoft is reportedly cutting jobs across Xbox and other divisions

Microsoft cutting jobs across Xbox
Microsoft cutting jobs across Xbox

Microsoft is presently battling authorities to complete its record-breaking acquisition of Activision Blizzard for around $70 billion. Despite the vast amounts of cash at its disposal, Microsoft is still reorganizing, with plans for around 1,000 layoffs in the coming months.

According to Business Insider sources, Microsoft is reducing its employees in order to become leaner. Less than a thousand jobs would be affected, representing less than 1% of Microsoft’s overall workforce, which previously stood at around 180,000 individuals scattered throughout the globe.

While Microsoft has yet to confirm the layoffs, it has been rumoured that they have affected the Xbox division, as well as other departments such as devices and services and Company Alpha – Microsoft’s war gaming and simulation-focused studio.

Microsoft, for its part, says it will “continue to spend and employ in important growth areas.”

BKT Says: Because Microsoft is such a massive corporation with so many employees, even a ‘less than 1%’ reduction in the workforce implies a significant number of individuals. If Microsoft releases any more remarks, we will provide an update.

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