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Biology projects are exciting and even engaging things if… There are a few points to speak about here. If you are passionate or at least simply interested in this subject, completing projects associated with it can be an easy thing. If you have enough info on the matter, things may also be easier to cope with. But what if you lack inspiration and information? Your mobile device can be of great help at this point and bring you both inspiration and valuable info on the matter.

Can you imagine that enthusiasts, along with I.T. specialists, have already created valuable apps that provide plenty of useful and interesting info about the Green Universe, access an enormous database with plants, and enable communication with experts in the industry? Interested in Biology apps that can help complete your projects in this field and add interest to your studies?

TOP Plants Apps for Life, Education, and Biology Projects

Have you reached the App Store or Google Play but missed among the variety of options? Get the list of TOP plant apps worth your attention and can help complete your Biology projects.

1. Lily – Plant Identification

This is one of the most workable tools for exploring the fantastic world of plants. This multifunctional “what plant is this app” is amazing for users who need quick searches and results. A user needs to take a photo of a target plant, and the rest of the things Lily – Plant Identification will do automatically. It will look through the extensive database of plants (flowers, trees, whatever) and provide the exact result but not only. This app will suggest a range of additional options too. 

This tool will serve well to users who have a collection of plants and sometimes forgets about care routines. A user needs to set notifications only.

If getting ready descriptions is not enough, a user may also find experts. Access to a professional community and direct communication with professionals are two options this app provides also. Please find it in your App Store to help yourself complete biology projects you may have and boost your home plant collection. And a news option is also included.

2. Microbiology

This app will be helpful for students who study Biology and have some assignments in microbiology. The tool provides access to lectures, principles, graphics, and different techniques. The app is available on Android and is free. 

3. Explain GCSE Biology

This application is a specific one as it is built to provide key terms and video clips and explain tricky concepts. Later, it is also possible to test your knowledge thanks to respective passing quizzes. The tool is available on Android and iOS.

4. Internal Organs in 3D

If you are fond of or need to study the work of human organs, this application can suit amazingly for this purpose. This tool provides 3D models of all organs in the human body. It is even possible to «touch» each organ (heart, lungs, stomach, etc.). Detailed descriptions are provided as well.

5. Human Body

This is an excellent interactive app that can help learn how human systems work. It will be easy to get inside the body and see the structures of bones, the heart, lymph nodes, and many other systems. This tool is available on iOS.

6. Learning Biology Basics

This is a more comprehensive app that will provide the info about the most critical topics in zoology, botany, basic pollution types, the concept of evolution, and many other matters. This tool will also provide the info on more advanced topics, like cell and molecular biology, genetics basics, and variations. What is pleasant is that all this info is provided for free. 

7. Curiscope

This is a popular Biology application that offers 3D models of different body organs. This app will perfectly serve to support STEM activities for those studying and who wish to learn and revise Biology. This is an innovative and interactive way to learn the subject. The tool provides detailed descriptions of all organs and an opportunity to touch each of them. This app is available on iOS and Android.

8. 3D Brain

This is a unique interactive 3D brain map or a collection of 29 individualised map samples. This app shows various brain structures and provides info about each of them. This tool will serve well for Biology students and physicians who provide care for brain disorders. This application will be suitable for patient education as well. The device is available on Android and iOS.

Final Words

Learning Biology may become more than easily, provided that you have at hand valuable informative and interactive apps at the same time. Having the same tools, you will get the required info and be able to touch organs using interactive 3D models. Save the mentioned list of TOP apps for education in Biology for quick reference and learning.

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