How To Scan Documents Without a Scanner

How To Scan Documents Without a Scanner

If you have an urgent task to scan docs but don’t have any suitable scanning device, that is easy to arrange. You may be surprised, but taking some emergency steps to scan and send your docs is possible if you have a smartphone. This article will provide the info on how to scan without a scanning machine? It is an easy thing, we may assure you.

Smartphone Camera

You don’t even need to go to the App Store or Google Play to get a workable tool there. A camera on your device can serve well to make scans urgently. 

Don’t underestimate this approach – sometimes, it can be a rescuing one. If you cover a couple of options, “scans’’ can be more than appropriate but, of course, not as with professional scanning devices. So, what are the core aspects you should cover to take a good photo?

  • Lighting

Ensure proper lighting for your scanning effort. Use a flat surface for this purpose also. While taking photos of your docs, avoiding a shadow from your hand and phone is equally important.

  • Placement

All photos should be made straight solely. Avoid some awkward angles. The best way to scan your doc is to do this directly above it.

  • Framing

Ensure that you hold a camera at the exact distance to make a target document entirely in view. Even if you catch more space, you may always crop this document removing the surroundings.

The quality of the final scan will strongly depend on your device. One of the best types of quality delivers iOS tools, of course. But, apart from using the camera, there is always a more convenient and quality alternative.

Scanner App

If you wish to scan different types of documents to get better quality docs, installing an advanced scanning app may serve as a good emergency solution. You may find an excellent app to scan documents by paying attention to its features and tools. What aspects are essential in the case with a Scanner App?

  • quick scanning process

The app you use should operate fast. It usually takes a couple of minutes to arrange a quick scan of docs. Even if the quality of originals is far from good, the scanning process with advanced apps still doesn’t take too long.

  • variety of formats and doc types it covers

A good scanning app always provides an option to convert originals to the most widespread formats like JPEG, TXT, and PDF. Using a scanning app should also be suitable for scanning receipts, I.D. documents, bills, letters, and other most common types of docs.

  • quality text recognition and conversion

Ideally, an app you consider could easily convert textual material into an image. This option saves time as a user doesn’t need to rewrite a text entirely. The reverse option is also possible. It should be convenient for a user to pick some part of an image and convert it into text. Editing options for a ready-made text should be available also, like changing colours, fonts, sizes, and other parameters. 

  • object ruler and counter

Using a scanning app should also provide an option to measure the overall length of an object and the entire area for scanning.

  • effective document management and sharing

An app should not only provide the options for scanning docs. It should also enable effective document management with different tags, folders, view modes, and other features.

At the same time, it should also be possible to scan docs using Wi-Fi printers. Send docs you have made using email also.

  • safe storage

A tool you use to scan docs should enable quick and safe access to scanned and exported docs. Any third party should not get access to the stored materials without your authorisation.  What are things used to prevent any unauthorised access? FACE ID, PIN code, watermarks, and e-signature are the best options in this case. Another important thing is that a good scanning app provides access to all materials even if the Internet connection has been lost.

Final Words

If you have a mobile device at hand, using it to scan docs is an easy thing. Your camera can help with that a lot. iOS devices are beneficial at this point. For more professional results, install scanning apps and use your smartphone to get quality scans in a couple of minutes only. These simple life hacks with scanning are sometimes irreplaceable in a busy world. Save for quick references and quality scans.

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