Apple to Allow iOS App Downloads Direct from Websites in the EU

Apple to allow iOS app downloads direct from websites in the EU

Great news for iOS users in the EU! Apple is now allowing developers to distribute apps directly from their websites, bypassing the App Store. This move is in compliance with the new EU regulations aimed at opening up Apple’s closed ecosystem.

For developers, this means they have more flexibility in distributing apps and offering in-app purchases and subscriptions. They can now create custom designs for promotions and discounts, link to external web pages for transactions, and even set up their own app marketplaces.

However, there are a few conditions that developers must meet, including being enrolled in the Apple Developer Program for at least two years and having an app with over one million first annual installs in the EU. Additionally, there’s a Core Technology Fee for installations exceeding the million mark.

Despite these conditions, this change opens up new possibilities for developers and users alike, providing more options outside the traditional App Store model.

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