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Transforming your business with Artificial Intelligence - A Roadmap

The Uptake startup processes the sensors’ data installed on the equipment to optimize work processes. Guided by the program’s recommendations, the farmer will be able to improve the efficiency of using the equipment available on the farm.

American scientists are developing a precision irrigation system that can ensure the optimal amount of moisture. The project is intended to solve controlling water consumption at the local level (for each plant). 

The trend towards organic farms is forcing the search for an alternative to agrochemistry in weed control. In many countries, there is a shortage of labour resources. Plus, human labour makes production too expensive. That is why active work is underway to introduce ai in agriculture.

Rapid identification of plant diseases

Self-evolving AI helps farmers identify diseases, determine treatment, and assess potential damage. Due to multiple calls, the library of such services is constantly expanding, the number of detected diseases is growing. The farmer only needs to photograph the affected part of the plant, and in a few seconds, he will have complete information about the cause of its occurrence.

The Xarvio digital platform, developed by Bayer and acquired by BASF last year, offers users the Scouting app.

Scouting helps to diagnose:

  • Diseases; 
  • Injuries; 
  • disorders of plant development based on processing photographs. 

Currently, the application recognizes 17 diseases. In the images of yellow traps, the algorithm identifies dangerous ones and analyzes their number. Weeds are identified with an accuracy of 32–99%, and the degree of nitrogen supply to plants is analyzed. The application sends notifications in case of detection of dangerous diseases or pests near the user’s areas.

Smart Weed Control Projects

Scientists continue to work to improve existing methods of weed and pest control. Smart Garden Sprayer Tested in India. The sprayer installed on the tractor, using a system of ultrasonic sensors, determines the size of the tree and the distance to it. The information obtained is analyzed and affects the power of the jet and the amount of sprayed substance. Testing has shown the system’s high efficiency while reducing the consumption of plant protection products to 26%.

Bayer and Bosh are developing Smart Spraying technology. It will differ from commercially available systems due to its ability to distinguish weeds from crops. It is assumed that the system will “recognize” the weed and determine the type and required amount of pesticide, considering the programmed application parameters.

The EcoRobotix Weed Killer can independently move around the field, pinpoint identification and treatment of detected weeds. The developers claim that the technology will reduce the amount of herbicide use by 20 times. Read more on

Smart spraying technologies

The active use of pesticides and agrochemicals in the agricultural sector has been for over 60 years. This practice is generally accepted, and the legislation of most countries is loyal to the widespread use of such means. However, the side effects of their use are obvious to everyone today.

A decrease in the number of pesticides used and the economic effect will have a beneficial effect on the state of the land fund. That will subsequently have a positive effect on the yield.

Trimble’s standalone WeedSeeker system provides spot spraying on weeds. The system identifies weeds using LEDs that scan the surface in the red and infrared range.

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