Top Apps That Can Be Useful In Student Life

10 Educational Apps for Students

It would not surprise anyone to see modern college students spend hours busy with their smartphones as they calculate something, research things online, or receive a plethora of different alerts from popular planning apps like Evernote or Mindly. It all depends on your major and the set of tools that you find useful. Nevertheless, some apps are almost universal as they will serve as a great addition to every student daily. 

Top 5 Apps That Can Be Useful In Student Life 

1. Forest App. 

It is free for Android users and only $2.79 for those on iOS. This app helps students to stay focused and avoid distractions. As you start with your studies, it lets you plant a virtual tree. The more you work, the more it grows. If you switch to Facebook or run some video game, your tree simply withers. Supporting this app, you also support the planting of real trees all over the world. An important aspect to consider! 

2. Google Calendar.

This app is free for all platforms, yet it is not the only reason why it remains so popular. It is simple and accessible even for challenged students who require a clean interface and clarity. Plan your classes, all the important events, assignment deadlines, schedule meetings, and more. Receive special alerts and take notes. It can also alert you about different plans that you may add separately by supporting import and export formats from all of Microsoft’s 365 Office Suite and more. 

3. Evernote. 

It is not surprising that it is so popular because it is just a digital notebook that can store anything like images, audio recordings, your plans, scanned documents, web articles, PDF files with your notes, and more. It is also good to write down immediate ideas, like when you have something for your resume or plan to enrol in college and do not want to miss some bright thoughts. You can also consider contacting professional college admission essay writers who will help you with grammar issues, plagiarism checking, and avoidance of repetition. Combine your ideas with the experts, and it will help you to achieve the best results possible! 

4. DuoLingo.

It makes it possible to learn over 20 languages by using your phone only as it uses interactive learning methods that do not feel boring like a typical foreign language textbook. You can start with pronunciation or the list of new words daily by studying when you can. It also has a friendly user community where educators and native speakers will always help you achieve success. Learning something new will also widen your academic horizons to explore the world differently and make new friends abroad. 

5. Rev Voice Recorder. 

This great app includes audio recording, transcription, and dictation features. It is also good for students with learning challenges who want to playback lectures or audio material at a slower pace. You can also record various Zoom conferences to listen to them later. For even more help, you can check the Top Writers Review and get rid of all the trouble with grading rubrics or subjects you cannot handle. Even if it is just a little bit of professional assistance, you will achieve much better grades as you share your lecture or notes taken during the online (remote) class. 

Use Only What You Really Need 

The trickiest part with the top apps that you may choose as a student is that it can easily become a mobile addiction where you try to download as much as you can instead of focusing on making certain tasks easier. Always research apps before downloading anything and read online testimonials. The purpose of mobile apps is to improve your workflow and not make you change your usual ways. Try different things, yet use only those apps that you really need. 


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